The Literary Framework Of The Unveiling

The Unveiling of Jesus Christ


Fourfold Reversion
INTRODUCTION (1:1-3) The Swift Unveiling of Jesus Christ.
Blessing on the Reader, Hearer and Keeper.  dayofyahweh.gif (274 bytes)prophet.gif (202 bytes)MESSAGES TO THE ECCLESIAS (1:4-3:22)
          Reward according to acts (2:23, etc.) potentate.gif (218 bytes)THE THRONE (4:1-11:18) The Political Deliverance of the Earth.
Preparatory Vision: The Throne, the Scroll and the Lambkin (4:1-5:14).
                    THE SEVEN SEALS restore Earth's Sovereignty to God.
                              The Four Horses (Providential):
                                        Distant Conquest, War, Famine, Pestilence (6:1-8).
                                                  The Saints Slain. The Great Convulsion. (6:9-17)
Preparatory Vision: The 144,000 and the Vast Crowd (7:1-17)
                    THE SEVEN TRUMPETS
                              The First Four
                                        The Land, the Sea, the Waters, the Sun (8:7-12)
                                                  The Three Woe Trumpets, the Abyss, the Euphrates
Preparatory Vision: The Messenger and the Open Scroll (10:1-3)
                    THE SEVEN THUNDERS
                              The Little Scroll Eaten
                                        The Temple Measured. The Two Witnesses (11:1-14)
                                                  The Seventh Trumpet (11:15-18). priest.gif (174 bytes)THE TEMPLE (11:19-20:15) The Religious Deliverance of the Earth
The Ark of the Covenant in View (Faithful Israel Redeemed 11:19).
                    The Star-Crowned Woman and her Male Son (12:1-2,5-6,14-16).
                              The Dragon and his Messengers (12:3-4,7-12,17).
                              The Wild Beast and his Prophet (13).
                    The 144,000 and the Blessed Dead (14:1-13).
                                        The Harvest, blessing (14:14-16)
                                        The Vintage, judgment (14:17-20)
The Tabernacle of the Testimony in View (Apostate Israel Destroyed).
                    THE SEVEN BOWLS
                              The Unfaithful Woman (17:1-6)
                                        The Scarlet Wild Beast (17:7-11)
                                        The Ten Horns (17:12-13)
                              Great Babylon (18-19:5)
                                                  The Marriage of the Lambkin, blessing (19:6-10).
                                                  God's Great Dinner, judgment (19:11-21).
                    Satan Bound: The Millennium (20:1-4).
                              The Former Redurrection: Judgment of Saints (20:5-6).
                    Satan Loosed: The Brief Era of War (20:7-10).
                              The Latter Resurrection: Judgment of Sinners (20:11-15). christ.gif (464 bytes)dayofgod.gif (192 bytes)THE TEMPLE (21:1-27) The Lord God Almighty and the Lambkin (21:23)
          The Holy Jerusalem Descends from Heaven. THE THRONE (22:1-5)
          The River of Life (not lightning and thunder) Issues out of the Throne
                    bringing Blessings (not wrath). MESSAGES TO THE ECCLESIAS (22:6-17)
          Pay according to work (22:12) CONCLUSION (22:18-21) Curse on him who Adds or Subtracts from this Scroll.
                                        The Swift Coming of the Lord Jesus

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