Correct Partitioning

“Administrations and Dispensations”
Charts showing "dispensational truth" have been among the most helpful of all human devices used by God to aid our dull intellects in the apprehension and comprehension of His plans and purpose. Just as, in geography, it is far easier for us to form an idea of the size, shape, and distinctive features of any land by consulting a map, than by reading an account of it in words alone, so a chart graphically presents to our eyes the whole, or a given part of God's work in a way by which we can grasp it at a glance.

“Are The Bride And Body Identical” (in seven parts)
A fundamental principle of scriptural interpretation is to "distinguish things which differ." Another is to maintain a "pattern of sound words." Much truth would be learned, and error exposed if we would follow these principles with consistency. This exposition deals with the error of confusing the "Body of Christ" with the "Bride of the Lamb," thus producing the non-scriptural entity "The Bride of Christ."

“Are We The Bride of the Lamb?”
There is nothing in the two figures of bride and body which makes it impossible that both should not be used of us. Paul could compare the Corinthians, who certainly were one body, to the betrothal of a pure virgin, in order to picture their singleness toward Him, not their union with Him. But, as a matter of fact, Paul never mentions either a bride or a lamb nor is this ever connected with the nations in the Word of God.

"Correctly Cutting the Word of Truth"
"It shall greatly help ye to understand Scripture, if thou mark not only what is spoken or written, but of whom, and to whom, with what words, at what time, where, to what intent, with what circumstances, considering what goeth before and what followeth after."

"The Address On The Envelope"
God has revealed Himself in many ways in His Word. The historic, prophetic, and literary portions are usually in the form of short scrolls or pamphlets. His latest and highest communications have come to us in the form of letters, or, being formal and of public character, epistles. When the postman brings a large stack of mail, we must first sort it out, if several receive their letters at the same address. Before we open it and read it we must make sure for whom it is intended.

“This Generation” (Matthew 24:34); with supplementary article
Jesus declared to His disciples: “Verily I am saying to you that by no means may this generation be passing by till all these things should be occurring” (Matt.24:34). We may be assured that the Lord meant what He said here; and, what He said here is quite explicit. Still, while it is indeed important for us to believe what He said, the deeper question remains: In what sense is what He said to be understood?

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