This COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT was first published more than forty years ago. It was a part of the “Complete Edition,” which has been out of print for some time. Hence this reprint of A. E. Knoch's “Notes” reflects his doctrinal views at the time of their first publication.

This edition is printed from the same type as the original edition. The correction lines which he had had set during the last years of his life, have been inserted. Although we have not been indifferent to changes suggested, additional insertions have been kept to a minimum in order to preserve the work as that of A. E. Knoch.

What A.E.K. had to say on commentaries in general, should always be kept in mind, for it applies to his own “Notes” on the New Testament as well:
The writer of these notes cannot help uttering a heartfelt prayer that they will never be taken for more than what they are intended to be—suggestive thoughts which lead to and not from the Sacred Text. He would rather they would vanish than that they should stand between anyone and the living oracles. May we never be tainted with the spirit of the ancient Rabbis who did not scruple to place their words above the Sacred Scrolls. In the Talmud we read: 'The words of the scribes are more noble than the words of the law; for the words of the law are both hard and easy [to understand], but the words of the scribes are all easy.' Another traditional saying was, 'He who deals with Scripture does a thing indifferent; he who reads the Mishna has a reward; but he who devotes himself to the Gemara is most meritorious of all.'

“In the same way the commentaries and confessions and creeds of Christendom have a stronger hold on the hearts of many of His saints than the inspired Scriptures. May He grant that many will return to the fountain undefiled!”

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