Greek Text and Concordant Sublinear

The Greek Elements

The Greek Elements is designed to complement the Concordant Literal New Testament, the Concordant Greek Text, and the Keyword Concordance. This work consists of tables of the grammatical forms and their English standards, with a reverse index, a complete analysis of the Greek vocabulary with English equivalents, and a short Greek course.

The Concordant Greek Text

It is designed to be used with the Concordant Literal New Testament and its Keyword Concordance, even as The Greek Elements. It consists of a Greek text restored from the uncial manuscripts Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, including the annotations of their ancient editors. In its superlinear, it includes all the variant readings of these texts; below its own primary Greek text, it provides an ultra-literal, non-idiomatic English-equivalent text.

This work is intended primarily, if not exclusively, for those who wish to study the New Testament’s own Greek text itself. This volume consists of 735 pages. In addition to this printed volume, the Concordant Greek Text, we also offer the document Greek Text and Concordant sublinear, which also includes  the Concordant Literal New Testament text.


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