Welcome to CPC

WELCOME to the Concordant Publishing Concern website. Many people also call us CPC. We are an non-denominational independent nonprofit association dedicated to Scripture research, founded in 1909 in Los Angeles, California. An associated ministry, Konkordanter Verlag, is maintained in Germany at Leipziger Str. 11, D-75217 Birkenfeld, Germany; Phone 07231-485620. They were first established there in the 1930’s.

The CPC is not a Church

We are a translating and teaching ministry. Our quarterly magazine, Unsearchable Riches was first published in 1909. A compilation of many of the articles in Unsearchable Riches explains, in the words of one of our founders, the philosophy and mission which continues to guide us.  To state it simply, we seek to be of service to all, while lording over the faith of none. Though we have nothing to join, we ourselves gladly join in “pursuing righteousness, faith, love, peace, with all who are invoking the Lord out of a clean heart” (2 Tim.2:22), irrespective of organizational affiliation or the lack of one. A number of small congregations exist, in the United States and elsewhere in the world, which, though in general accord with our ministry, are independently organized and led.

We Translate the Bible Scriptures

Our principal works are the Concordant Literal New Testament with Keyword Concordance, and the Concordant Version of the Old Testament. Our research efforts are centered upon the many issues involved in discovering the meaning of the original Scripture declarations themselves. We seek to determine how we may best translate these same Scriptures, endeavoring to do so objectively, accurately, and consistently. Our translation principles, both of vocabulary and grammatical analysis, govern all that we do.

The CPC first seeks to determine essence of word meaning; wherever possible, according to internal scriptural evidence. For each Original word, then, we assign a STANDARD English word. To facilitate a readable English translation, additional synonyms or other concordant variants are also used, as needed. In nearly all cases, any such standards, synonyms, and variants are used exclusively for a single word in the Original, thereby eliminating almost all “crosswiring” between languages. Thus a substantial formal correspondence is maintained between the original and receptor language. It is these very principles of translation, together with our many years of refining our efforts according to these principles which distinguish the CPC work and its results from that of others.

What holds Us Together

Though the CPC does not have a formal “statement of faith,” we do have some beliefs about the Scriptures in general. To share the spirit of what you could call our creed, we offer a summary of statements found in various writings we have published. It is entitled, “Some of the Special Truths for Which We Stand,” and we welcome you to explore what makes us different from others.

We have much useful information to share with our fellow believers in Christ Jesus. We invite you to investigate and test our material, searching the Scriptures yourself to see whether we are properly representing God's Word. We welcome your comments and evaluation—whether favorable or otherwise.

“For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is grave, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is agreeable, whatever is renowned—if there is any virtue, and if any applause, be taking these into account. What you learned also, and accepted and hear and perceived in me, these be putting into practice, and the God of peace will be with you” (Phil.4:8,9).

Greetings in Christ,

James Coram
Concordant Publishing Concern

P.O. Box 449, Almont, MI 48003, U.S.A.