General Expositions

“Enoch and Elijah”
The Scripture records little concerning Enoch, and even its record of the career of Elijah is not as complete as we might wish. Popular tradition, in accord with various ancient stories, claims that neither Enoch nor Elijah ever died and that they remain alive today, in heaven. Does the Scriptural record support or preclude this popular belief?

“For Freedom Christ Frees Us!”
A leading theme of the evangel is that Christ frees us! Even so, it seems that few understand the nature of the “freedom” to which Paul refers, or what it means to be “justified.” While many will speak freely of having been “forgiven” and of being “saved,” few indeed will be found bearing witness to their “freedom” or “justification,” much less to their freedom and justification according to Paul’s evangel.

“Refuse The Refuse, Anglo-Israelism”
“For several years in my youth, I was intensely interested in Anglo-Israelism and the Great Pyramid. I bought the best books on the subject obtainable at that time. I grasped eagerly at every “identity” which seemed to prove that Great Britain and the United States were the lost ten tribes. I followed most minutely the drawings of the pyramid of Gizeh. But I went on to study the Scriptures, and, as I entered into the truth as to the present economy of God's grace, the whole matter gradually lost its interest, until, like the apostle Paul, I saw no advantage whatever in being an Israelite, for I had lost all standing in the flesh by crucifixion with Christ, and now my all was in Him. I no longer desired an earthly citizenship, for I had found a celestial.”

“The Prayer of Faith”
A “prayer of faith,” leads to a mild and quiet life, in all devoutness. Putting on the panoply (“whole armor”) of God, however, is something which cannot be accomplished without “praying on every occasion” (Eph.6:18). This signifies that the various phases (girding the loins, putting on the cuirass, etc.) should each be accompanied by such prayers and petitions, as were practiced by Paul and his associates.

“The Two Witnesses”
Whether the two witnesses of Revelation 11 really are Moses and Elijah we are not told. But that their ministry will be conducted in the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah there can be no doubt, as they withstand the rule and religion of the man of lawlessness. Judgment from earth and from heaven sustains their testimony to the true God and the right Ruler in the very climax of man’s rebellion.

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