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Concordant offers easy to use bible study tools in many forms. Our audio bible study library is a handy way to listen to the Literal New Testament anywhere. You can plug your smartphone into your car stereo to listen while you are on the road. Or plug your earphones into your smartphone and you can listen while at the gym or while waiting in the doctor's office.

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Concordant Literal New Testament - Audio

Matthew 1-28    

Mark 1-16    

Luke 1-24    

John 1-21    

Acts 1-28    

Romans 1-16    

1 Corinthians 1-16    

2 Corinthians 1-13    

Galatians 1-6    

Ephesians 1-6    

Philippians 1-4    

Colossians 1-4    

1 Thessalonians 1-5    

2 Thessalonians 1-3    

1 Timothy 1-6    

2 Timothy 1-4    

Titus 1-3    


Hebrews 1-13    

James 1-5    

1 Peter 1-5    

2 Peter 1-3    

1 John 1-5    

2 John    

3 John    

Revelation 1-22    

Scripture Messages

101 The Eons (six radio programs) Ray Van Dyke    

104 Justified from Sin and by God (James Coram); God's Will in Our Affairs (Dean Hough)    

106 Established - In Accord with Paul's Evangel (Rom.16:25-27) James Coram    

110 God was the Word (John 1.1-3, Col 1.15-18, Phil 2.5-8) James Coram.mp3    

112 Acts 27 - A Cameo of God's Grace; 'Correctly Cutting' and Resurrection (J. Coram)    

120 Day of Crucifixion and Resurrection (J. Coram); Types in Lev.23 (G. Marks, C. Lamb)    

123 Death and Resurrection (2 Cor.5:8, Phil 1:23, 1 Pet.3:17-4:6) James Coram    

125 'Hell', Hades, Gehenna, Paradise; Soul and Spirit (James Coram)    

127 The Law of Moses; Law and Grace (James Coram)    

129 The Place of the Sabbath Day (James Coram)    

131 Will God 'Clear' this 'Guilty' World; Love One Another (James Coram)    

133 An Examination of 1 Cor 15.20-28; Rom 5.17 (James Coram)    

134 Prayer, in Accord with the Apostle Paul; The Place of Our Obedience (James Coram)    

136 Before of the Crucifixion; Significance of Foreknowledge and Prophecy (J. Coram)    

138 Two Messages on Allotment (A.E. Knoch)    

156 Our Saviour from Present Distresses; Christ's Allotment (Dean Hough)    

158 Knowing Christ; Christ Jesus - the Son of God (Dean Hough)    

162 The Consequences of Grace (Dean Hough)    

164 (R) Rom 1.1-5 (Dean Hough)    

166 (R) Rom 1.14-17 (Dean Hough)    

168 (R) Rom 1.18-3.20 (Dean Hough)    

170 (R) Rom 3.22 (Dean Hough)    

172 (R) Rom 5.12-21 (Dean Hough)    

174 (R) Rom 7.7-25, Rom 8.1-4 (Dean Hough)    

176 (R) Rom 9.1-5, Rom 9.6-8 (Dean Hough)    

178 (R) Rom 9.14-24, Rom 9.24-33 (Dean Hough)    

180 'Dealing Graciously Among Yourselves'; 'God's Vessels' (Rom 9) James Coram    

182 The More Excellent Way (HW Martin); Joy in God (A.E. Knoch)    

184 Prayer for Wisdom (A.E. Knoch); 'If' (HW Martin); Paul's Ministries (A.E. Knoch)    

187 Questions on Paul's Evangel; Faith and Works (James 2.14-26) James Coram    

189 Questions on the Eons and 1 Cor 15.22-28 (James Coram)    

191 Studies in Galatians (James Coram)    

195 Forgiveness and Justification (Guy Marks); 1 Thess 2.14 (Dean Hough)    

197 Contrasts Between Israel's Commission and that of the Body of Christ (Guy Marks)    

201 Understanding the Eons (Guy Marks)    

204 Get Hold of Life Eonian (Bert Baker); The Eonian Times (Guy Marks)    

206 Eonian Judgment and Life; Eonian Redemption (Guy Marks)    

222 The Grace of Suffering; The Spirit of Faith (Dean Hough)    

224 The Word of the Cross (John Essex), Console, Establish 'Parousia' (Dean Hough)    

226 Spirit and Law; God's Spirit in Us (Dean Hough)    

228 The Unity of the Spirit; Rejuvenated in the Spirit (Dean Hough)    

230 The Word 'Should' in Paul's Epistles (Dean Hough)    

234 Extrication (Gal 1.4); The Sufficiency of Christ's Sacrifice (Dean Hough)    

236 Paul's Traditions; Trials and Afflictions (Dean Hough)    

238 Texts Misused in Denying the Certainty of Our Eonian Life (James Coram)    

240 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

242 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

244 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

246 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

250 Our Faithful Creator (James Coram)    

252 The Meaning of 'Free' and 'Grace' (Rom 3.24) James Coram    

257 (R) Rom 10,11 - The Olive Tree (James Coram)    

259 No Partiality with God, 'Blame' (James Coram)    

261 (R) Crucified Together with Christ (James Coram)    

263 Distinct Allotments - Eonian Life and God's Kingdom (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

265 The New Creation (2 Cor 5.17) James Coram    

270 Studies in 1 Cor 11 (James Coram)    

272 The 'Adversary' or, 'Satan' (James Coram)    

274 The New Birth - Being 'Born Again' (James Coram)    

276 The Coming Conflict (Vladimir Gelesnof)    

278 The Coming Conflict (Vladimir Gelesnof)    

280 (R) Paul's Apostleship (Dean Hough)    

282 (R) Grace, Deliverance, Propitiation, Eonian (Dean Hough)    

284 (R) Rom 13, Rom 15.14-33 (James Coram)    

287 The Glory of God (Dean Hough)    

289 Scriptural Songs (Piano Selections)    

294 (R) Rom 4.1-25 (James Coram)    

296 The Concordant Version and the Evangel of Grace (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

298 The Concordant Version and the Evangel of Grace (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

300 Paul's Epistle to Titus, Philemon (James Coram)    

304 Adlai Loudy Radio Messages    

306 'Does the Bible Teach Universal Salvation' (James Coram)    

308 The Various Eras of the Nations (Dean Hough)    

310 Can Those 'in Christ' Lose their Salvation (1 Thess 1.1-5) James Coram    

313 The Divine Names and Titles (Donald Hayter)    

315 Transcendent Grace, 1 Cor 9.24-10.12 (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

317 For the Laud of God's Glory (James Coram)    

319 (R) Rom 16.25 (James Coram), Grasping God's Love (Dean Hough)    

321 Timothy (Dean Hough), Children of Promise (James Coram)    

323 The Presence of Christ 1 Thess 4.13-18, Radio Msg on 'Hell' (J. Coram)    

325 Maturity (Dean Hough), Justification in Galatians (James Coram)    

327 Grace and Divine Causality (James Coram), The Ways of God (Ray Van Dyke)    

329 Attaining to the Resurrection, Enemies of the Cross (James Coram)    

331 Be Rejoicing in the Lord (Dean Hough), Nothing is Condemnation (James Coram)    

334 Rekindling, Not Neglecting (James Coram), Phil 4.10-23 (Dean Hough)    

336 Divine Healing (James Coram)    

338 The Vivification of All (James Coram), 'Anathema' (Dean Hough)    

340 (R) Rom 2.13, Rom 12, Eph 3.8 (Dean Hough)    

342 The Relative and the Absolute (John Essex)    

344 The All-Sufficiency of God (John Essex)    

346 Two Covenants (Gal 4.24), Sharing Christ's Victory (Dean Hough)    

348 The 3rd, 4th and 5th-10th Commandments of Exodus 20 (Dean Hough)    

350 What, Shall We Declare (Rom 9.14), Can God's Counsel be Repudiated (J. Coram)    

352 In What Sense is Christ 'God' (James Coram)    

354 The Secret (Dean Hough), Not Under Law but Under Grace (James Coram)    

356 Sound in the Faith, Zeal of God (J. Coram), Receiving Christ (D. Hough)    

358 Galatians. & James Contrasted (J. Coram), The Secret of the Evangel (D. Hough)    

360 Scriptural Prayer (James Coram), Being Attuned to Priorities (Dean Hough)    

362 Seven 'Words' of Paul, Two Kinds of Righteousness (Dean Hough)    

364 Faith, Expectation and Love (James Coram)    

366 2 Tim 4, Eonian Life in Rom 6 (Dean Hough)    

368 Where Sin Increases, Grace Superexceeds (James Coram)    

371 Hallowed in Christ Jesus (Dean Hough)    

373 Reply to 'The Doctrine of the Triune God' (James Coram)    

375 The Meaning of God's Words (James Coram)    

377 What Does it Mean to be 'Justified' (James Coram)    

379 Divine Mercy and Its Accord With Grace (James Coram)    

381 Power of Cross for the Unbeliever, The Cross and the Current Eon (D. Hough)    

383 John 3.27 (James Coram), The Value of Truth in the Power of Love (Dean Hough)    

385 The 'Faithful Sayings' (James Coram)    

387 Jonathan (D. Hough), Ways and Works of God (J. Coram), Christ's Faith (D. Hough)    

390 Death - Transition or Cessation (James Coram)    


103 The God of All Consolation (James Coram); 'In That Era', Eph 2.12 (Rick Farwell)    

105 Grace and the Evangel of the Circumcision; What Must Be (Rom 12.3) James Coram    

109 The Theme of Acts (Rick Farwell); What is a 'Gratuity' (James Coram)    

111 1 Cor 12.13; The Door of Faith to the Nations (James Coram)    

119 The Book of Job (Herman Rocke); The Foundation of Paul's Evangel (Dean Hough)    

121-122 Important Facts Concerning the Eons (James Coram)    

124 Death and Resurrection; Dogmatism; The Pentecostal Church (James Coram)    

126 Administrations - Dispensations; The Various Evangels (James Coram)    

128 Glossolalia - The Basis, Nature, Purpose and Duration of 'Tongues' (James Coram)    

130 Study Principles, Word Meaning, Using the Concordant Version (James Coram)    

132 The Various Ecclesias; Eons of the Eons; The Subjunctive Mood (James Coram)    

133 old Universal Salvation (James Coram)    

135 Study of Rom 9; Eonian Good and Evil (James Coram)    

137 Jacob; All (HW Martin); The Kingdom of the Son of God's Love (A.E. Knoch)    

155 Jesus, Our Saviour; The Saviour of the World (Dean Hough)    

157 Christ and Reconciliation; The Fellowship of His Sufferings (Dean Hough)    

161 Reconciliation; The Headship of Christ (Dean Hough)    

163 Grace is Not Fatalism (Dean Hough)    

165 (R) Rom 1.8-13 (Dean Hough)    

167 1 Tim 1.12-16 (James Coram); The Theme of 1 Cor (Dean Hough)    

169 (R) Rom 3.1-22 (Dean Hough)    

171 (R) Rom 5.1-2, Rom 5.2 (Dean Hough)    

173 (R) Rom 5.18-7.6 (James Coram)    

175 (R) Rom 8.5-17; Rom 8.18-25 (Dean Hough)    

177 (R) Rom 9.9-13; Rom 8.26-39 (Dean Hough)    

179 Conciliation; Subjection (Dean Hough)    

181 Gospels of the Kingdom and of Grace (Guy Marks); Translation Remarks (A.E. Knoch)    

183 (R) Praise and Prayer (A.E. Knoch); Believing the Evangel (Dean Hough)    

186 Power of the Evangel of Grace (James Coram)    

188 Avoiding the Wisdom of the World (James Coram)    

190 Studies in Galatians (James Coram)    

192 Studies in Galatians; Devoutness and Wisdom (James Coram)    

196 'Atonement' contrasted with 'Conciliation' (Guy Marks)    

198 The Expectation of Reconciliation (G. Marks); The Secret of Lawlessness (D. Hough)    

202 The Tabernacle and the Eons (Guy Marks)    

205 Grace for Useful Service (Dean Hough); The Results of Christ's Death (Guy Marks)    

217 God's Gracious Gift of Salvation (2 messages) Adlai Loudy    

223 (R) God's Righteousness-D.Hough; The Ecclesia - God's House 1Tim 3.14-16 DW Venlet    

225 He Who is Spiritual; Spirit and Flesh (Dean Hough)    

227 Having Christ in You; The Spirit of Sonship (Dean Hough)    

229 The Purpose of the Eons; 'Truth' of the Eons (Dean Hough)    

233 The Craftiness of the Adversary (D. Hough); God Directs Men's Steps (R. Van Dyke)    

235 Gold, Silver, Precious Stones (1 Cor 3.10-15) John Essex    

237 Is Eonian Life Our Expectation or Only Our Hope (James Coram)    

239 God Prefers You for Salvation; 'Called' or 'Callable' (James Coram)    

241 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

243 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

245 Human Choice and the Deity of God (James Coram)    

247 Human Choice and the Deity of God; 'Co-op' Salvation; 'Responsibility' (J. Coram)    

251 Our Calling (Dean Hough), Rom 2.7 (James Coram)    

254 Seeking Truth - Not Gratification (James Coram)    

258 Complete in Christ (Col 2.10) James Coram    

260 Judgment is Not Punishment (James Coram)    

262 Luke 1.33 and the Eons, Principles of 'Correctly Cutting' (Rom 6.1) James Coram    

264 Perceiving 'Christ Crucified' (Dean Hough)    

268 Prerequisites for Standing Firm in the Faith (James Coram)    

271 The 'Unpardonable' Sin, The 'Sin unto Death', Heb 6.1-9, Heb 10.26-31 (James Coram)    

273 Judgment of the Nations (Matt 25.46), Temple of God (2 Thess 2.4) James Coram    

275 (R) Inspiration, Authority, Illumination, Interpretation (Dean Hough)    

277 The Coming Conflict (Vladimir Gelesnof)    

279 The Coming Conflict (Vladimir Gelesnof)    

281 (R) Scriptural Dimensions, Paul's Approach (Dean Hough)    

283 (R) Rom 14 (Dean Hough, James Coram); Rom 16 (Dean Hough)    

285 Human and Divine Righteousness Contrasted (James Coram)    

288 God's Glory in the Ecclesia (John Essex)    

290 Scriptural Songs (Piano Selections)    

295 The Concordant Version and the Evangel of Grace (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

297 The Concordant Version and the Evangel of Grace (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

299 Paul's Epistle to Titus (James Coram)    

303 Adlai Loudy Radio Messages    

305 Adlai Loudy Radio Messages    

307 'Does the Bible Teach Universal Salvation' (James Coram)    

309 Is Salvation 'Conditional' (James Coram)    

311 What Does 'the many' Mean, Can God's Counsel be Repudiated (Coram), Christ Crucified (Hough)    

314 The Divine Names and Titles (Donald Hayter)    

316 The Vast Love of God, 2 Cor 3,4 (Dean Hough)    

318 Are Some Truths Dangerous (James Coram), 'Imputed' Righteousness (Dean Hough)    

320 Fellowship (Dean Hough), Are the 'Gospels' To Us and About Us (James Coram)    

322 The Presence of Christ in 1 Thess 4.13-18 (Dean Hough, James Coram)    

324 Epaphroditus (Dean Hough), Persistence and Reconciliation (Col 1.23) James Coram    

326 (R) Facing the Faith, Devoutness (Dean Hough)    

328 (R) Rom 9.16-18 (D. Hough), When Does Salvation First Become Certain (J. Coram)    

330 (R) Rom 11.25-36, 2 Cor 3 (Dean Hough)    

332 Predestination in Rom 8, Eph 1 (James Coram)    

335 The Salvation of Convict 'C'__Paul's Great Outlook (Read from 1925 UR) James Coram    

337 Divine Healing (James Coram)    

339 (R) Rom 15.1-13, Rom 10.14-11.6, Gal 1.10-12 (Dean Hough)    

341 Distinguishing Evil From Sin (James Coram)    

343 Vladimir Gelesnof, A Memorial (Read from 1922 UR) James Coram    

345 All Headed Up in Christ, Expectation and 'Dates' (Dean Hough)    

347 Two Messages on Philippians (Dean Hough)    

349 Eph 1.1-23 (James Coram, Dean Hough)    

351 The Will of God and of the Lord (D. Hough), Christ Came to Save Sinners (J. Coram)    

353 The Security of Our Allotment (John Essex), Growing into Him (Alan Reid)    

355 Consummation (Dean Hough), The Secret of Devoutness (James Coram)    

357 The Place of Repentance (James Coram), The Secret of Christ (Dean Hough)    

359 Enriched in Him (Dean Hough), Scriptural Prayer (James Coram)    

361 The Place of the 'Great Commission' (J. Coram), Promises and Conditions (D. Hough)    

363 Reliance and Maturity (Dean Hough), Ambassadors of Conciliation (James Coram)    

365 Faith, Experience and Emotions (James Coram)    

367 God Finishes What He Begins (Dean Hough)    

369 The Significance of the Cross, Superlatives (Dean Hough)    

372 Scripture Complement (Dean Hough)    

374 'The Doctrine of the Triune God' (J. Coram), Divine Judgment (D. Hough)    

376 The 'British Israel' Question (James Coram)    

378 'Lest Anyone Should be Boasting' (Eph 2.9) James Coram    

380 The Cross and Eonian Life, The Significance of Time (Dean Hough)    

382 The Snare of the Cross (James Coram), Designated Son of God (Dean Hough)    

384 The Joy of Dealing Graciously (James Coram)    

386 The Will of God and of the Lord (J. Coram), Preceptive and Decretive (D. Hough)    

388 The Nature of Divine 'Help', Darkness and Light (2 Cor 6.14-7.1) James Coram    

391 Rejoicing in the Lord (James+Coram)__Testing Things of Consequence (Dean+Hough)