Faithful Laborers

“Vladimir Michael Gelesnoff Memorial” (in three parts)
This scholarly yet simple man, co-founder of the Concordant Publishing Concern, was born into aristocracy and well-educated in Europe. He spoke eight languages and could read twenty-one. His extensive work in physics was transcended only by his spiritual achievements through inquiry into the universal questions: Whence came the universe, What is its course, What is human destiny, and, Is God supreme? When asked about his teaching methods he replied, “I would rather get one man to think than a thousand to be excited.” His extraordinary fund of general, as well as special information, his keen sense of humor, his poetic imagination, and his sensitiveness to the thoughts and feelings of others made him a delightful companion. Looking for the best in others he gave the best of himself.

“Adolph Ernst Knoch Memorial” (in six parts)
A. E. Knoch ranks among those men of God who devoted their lives to the task of classifying God’s wonderful world of words, just as the great botanist Linnaeus studied and arranged and classified God’s wonderful world of plants. The honor to which A. E. Knoch was called, is unique. It stands apart from all the coveted honors of a passing world. For the Lord called him to develop the concordant method for an unprecedented and unprejudiced translation of the Sacred Scriptures, so as to lead him to, and us toward a fuller understanding of God’s truth for today. The story of the toil and trials which paved every step of our brother’s way will never be told until that day when he will receive the special wages which the Lord, the just Judge, will award to those who have been building with gold and silver and precious stones. In that day, the fire will be testing our brother’s work, what kind it was.

“Sigrid Marie Knoch Memorial”

“Herman H. Rocke Memorial”

“Other Co-laborers in Christ”

“Concordant Antiquities”
A Series of six articles, which appeared in the 1975-1976 Concordant Newsletter, detailing the early history of A. E. Knoch and the Concordant Publishing Concern.

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