ROMANS Chapter Fourteen

 The Evangel - Romans

Chapter Fourteen

14:1 Now the infirm in the faith be taking to yourselves, but not for discrimination of reasonings. 2 One, indeed, is believing to eat all things, yet the infirm one is eating greens. 3 Let not him who is eating be scorning him who is not eating. Yet let not him who is not eating be judging him who is eating, for God took him to Himself. 4 Who are you who are judging Another’s domestic? To his own Master he is standing or falling. Now he will be made to stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

5 One indeed, is deciding for one day rather than another day, yet one is deciding for every day. Let each one be fully assured in his own mind. 6 He who is disposed to the day, is disposed to it to the Lord; and he who is eating, is eating to the Lord, for he is thanking God. And he who is not eating, to the Lord is not eating, and is thanking God. 7 For not one of us is living to himself, and not one is dying to himself. 8 For both, if we should be living, to the Lord are we living, and if we should be dying, to the Lord are we dying. Then, both if we should be living and if we should be dying, we are the Lord’s. 9 For for this Christ died and lives, that He should be Lord of the dead as well as of the living.

10 Now why are you judging your brother? Or why are you also scorning your brother? For all of us shall be presented at the dais of God, 11 for it is written:

     Living am I, the Lord is saying,
indent.gif (54 bytes)For to Me shall bow every knee,
indent.gif (54 bytes)And every tongue shall be acclaiming God!

12 Consequently, then, each of us shall be giving account concerning himself to God. 13 By no means, then, should we still be judging one another, but rather decide this, not to place a stumbling block for a brother, or a snare.

14 I have perceived and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus that nothing is contaminating of itself, except that the one reckoning anything to be contaminating, to that one it is contaminating. 15 For if, because of food, your brother is sorrowing, you are no longer walking according to love. Do not, by your food, destroy that one for whose sake Christ died. 16 Let not, then, your good be calumniated, 17 for the kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in holy spirit. 18 For he who in this is slaving for Christ, is well pleasing to God and attested by men.

19 Consequently, then, we are pursuing that which makes for peace and that which is for edification of one another. 20 Not on account of food demolish the work of God. All, indeed, is clean, but it is evil to the man who with stumbling is eating. 21 It is ideal not to be eating meat, nor yet to be drinking wine, nor yet to do aught by which your brother is stumbling, or is being snared or weakened.

22 The faith which you have, have for yourself in God’s sight. Happy is he who is not judging himself in that which he is attesting. 23 Now he who is doubting if he should be eating is condemned, seeing that it is not out of faith. Now everything which is not out of faith is sin.

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