God And Christ

“Reliance On The Living God”
The deity (or “sovereignty”) of God is much talked about but little realized. This is especially so in consideration of the foundational accord between God’s power and righteousness, and His love, grace, and purpose, based upon the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ. How vital it is to our faith to be recognizing “God as God,” Who is over all, and out of Whom all is.

“One God and One Lord”  (first two parts of a four-part series)
We are often praying for a realization of God’s purpose of the eons which He makes in Christ Jesus our Lord (Eph.3:11), even as for discernment concerning His allotment among the saints, in which we have a part. May we complement such prayers by a request for the most fundamental realization of all, which is simply a realization of Him (Col.1:10). Truly, may the eyes of our heart be enlightened, in a realization of the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory (cf Eph.1:15-19).

“Yahweh is the Only Elohim” (third article in series with previous two)

“The Only True God” (fourth article in series with previous three)

“The Divine Names And Titles”
A brief presentation, showing the English form of the Divine names and titles, with the Hebrew and Greek equivalents as anciently pronounced, their significance, usage, A.V. renderings, and first occurrences.

“Have You A God?”
The term Disposer gives us the essential idea of the Hebrew and Greek titles for God. He alone is the One Who has any right to will or to determine. Our place is to be subject. It is the work of the Son to bring all into subjection. Even He Himself will take that place. It is the task of the eons to bring this about. Do we know God as the Disposer, who throughout the maze of human history, notwithstanding all the evil and sin that threatens to destroy His universe, will draw all to Himself at the blessed consummation? And do we know Him as our God, who alone enables us to approach and worship Him when we ourselves could not and would not? Oh that we could learn that we are nothing and that He is our All! Then, and not till then, will we fully realize that we also have a God!

Christ And Deity (in two parts)
The truth regarding the relation of Christ to God has been practically blotted out by the theory of the trinity. We propose, therefore, to inquire into the relationships existing between the Son and the Father, as they are set forth in the Scriptures. First, we will briefly set forth the points of likeness, and, later, the contrasts which exist between them. We shall compare our Lord with Deity and show that He is the Word and Image of God, so that we are justified in calling Him God. We will consider the contrasts between Christ and God in their relation to one another and to the universe. We will find that all is out of God, but through Christ. We will discover that God’s will is supreme, and Christ conforms His to it. We will see that God alone has inherent power, and Christ derives it from Him.

“The Doctrine of the Triune God”
A. E. Knoch's published response to a printed exposition on the Trinity which appeared in a contemporary evangelical publication. It contains the following challenge: “We cheerfully reprint the whole of this article against our position, and urge our readers to weigh it carefully. Will Trinitarians have enough confidence in their own teaching to publish my reply? I am so sure that everyone who really considers my answer will be satisfied that Trinitarianism is unscriptural that I consider any article, written in its defense, destructive of its own position. What orthodox publication has the courage to present both sides of the argument to its readers?”

“The Deity Of God” (a six-part series)
A series of six expositions dealing with the overall subject of the Deity of God, under the following headings: “The Only True God,” “The Supreme God, His Spirit And His Son,” “God's Will And Counsel,” “Giving Glory To God,” “The Relative And The Absolute,” “God And Satan.”

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