Chapter 1
1 Paul, a called apostle of Christ Jesus, through the will of God, and Sosthenes, a brother,
2 to the ecclesia of God which is in Corinth, hallowed in Christ Jesus, called saints, together with all in every place who are invoking the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, both theirs and ours:
3 Grace to you and peace from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
4 I am thanking my God always concerning you over the grace of God which is being given you in Christ Jesus,
5 for in everything are you enriched in him, in all expression and all knowledge,
6 according as the testimony of Christ was confirmed among you,
7 so that you are not deficient in any grace, awaiting the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ,
8 Who will be confirming you also until the consummation, unimpeachable in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
9 Faithful is God, through Whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.
10 Now I am entreating you, brethren, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all may be saying the same thing, and there may be no schisms among you, but you may be attuned to the same mind and to the same opinion.
11 For it was made evident to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of Chloe, that there are strifes among you.
12 Now I am saying this, that each of you is saying, "I, indeed, am of Paul," yet "I of Apollos," yet "I of Cephas," yet "I of Christ."
13 Christ is parted! Not Paul was crucified for your sakes! Or into the name of Paul are you baptized?
14 I am thanking God that I baptize not one of you except Crispus and Gaius,
15 lest anyone may be saying that you are baptized into my name.
16 Yet I baptize the household of Stephanas also. Furthermore, I am not aware if I baptize any other.
17 For Christ does not commission me to be baptizing, but to be bringing the evangel, not in wisdom of word, lest the cross of Christ may be made void.
18 For the word of the cross is stupidity, indeed, to those who are perishing, yet to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
19 For it is written, I shall be destroying the wisdom of the wise, and the understanding of the intelligent shall I be repudiating.
20 Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the discusser of this eon? Does not God make stupid the wisdom of this world?
21 For since, in fact, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom knew not God, God delights, through the stupidity of the heralding, to save those who are believing,
22 since, in fact, Jews signs are requesting, and Greeks wisdom are seeking,
23 yet we are heralding Christ crucified, to Jews, indeed, a snare, yet to the nations stupidity,
24 yet to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ, the power of God and the wisdom of God,
25 for the stupidity of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
26 For you are observing your calling, brethren, that there are not many wise according to the flesh; not many powerful, not many noble,
27 but the stupidity of the world God chooses, that He may be disgracing the wise, and the weakness of the world God chooses, that He may be disgracing the strong,
28 and the ignoble and the contemptible things of the world God chooses, and that which is not, that He should be discarding that which is,
29 so that no flesh at all should be boasting in God's sight.
30 Yet you, of Him, are in Christ Jesus, Who became to us wisdom from God, besides righteousness and holiness and deliverance,
31 that, according as it is written, He who is boasting, in the Lord let him be boasting.

Chapter 2
1 And I, coming to you, brethren, came not with superiority of word or of wisdom, announcing to you the testimony of God,
2 for I decide not to perceive anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
3 And I came to be with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling,
4 and my word and my heralding were not with the persuasive words of human wisdom, but with demonstration of spirit and of power,
5 that your faith may not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.
6 Yet wisdom are we speaking among the mature, yet a wisdom not of this eon, neither of the chief men of this eon, who are being discarded,
7 but we are speaking God's wisdom in a secret, wisdom which has been concealed, which God designates before -- before the eons, for our glory,
8 which not one of the chief men of this eon knows, for if they know, they would not crucify the Lord of glory.
9 But, according as it is written, That which the eye did not perceive, and the ear did not hear, and to which the heart of man did not ascend -- whatever God makes ready for those who are loving Him.
10 Yet to us God reveals them through His spirit, for the spirit is searching all, even the depths of God.
11 For is any of humanity acquainted with that which is human except the spirit of humanity which is in it? Thus also, that which is of God no one knows, except the spirit of God.
12 Now we obtained, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, that we may be perceiving that which is being graciously given to us by God,
13 which we are speaking also, not with words taught by human wisdom, but with those taught by the spirit, matching spiritual blessings with spiritual words.
14 Now the soulish man is not receiving those things which are of the spirit of God, for they are stupidity to him, and he is not able to know them, seeing that they are spiritually examined.
15 Now he who is spiritual is, indeed, examining all, yet he is being examined by no one.
16 For who knew the mind of the Lord? Who will be deducing from Him? Yet we have the mind of Christ.

Chapter 3
1 And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual, but as to fleshy, as to minors in Christ.
2 Milk I give you to drink, not solid food, for not as yet were you able. Nay, still, not even now are you able,
3 for you are still fleshly. For where there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly and walking according to man?
4 For whenever anyone may be saying, "I, indeed, am of Paul," yet another, "I, of Apollos," will he not be fleshly?
5 What, then, is Apollos? Now what is Paul? Servants are they, through whom you believe, and as the Lord gives to each.
6 I plant, Apollos irrigates, but God makes it grow up.
7 So that, neither is he who is planting anything, nor he who is irrigating, but God Who makes it grow up.
8 Now he who is planting and he who is irrigating are for one thing. Yet each will be getting his own wages according to his own toil.
9 For God's fellow workers are we. God's farm, God's building, are you.
10 According to the grace of God which is being granted to me, as a wise foreman I lay a foundation, yet another is building on it. Yet let each one beware how he is building on it.
11 For other foundation can no one lay beside that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
12 Now if anyone is building on this foundation gold and silver, precious stones, wood, grass, straw,
13 each one's work will become apparent, for the day will make it evident, for it is being revealed by fire. And the fire, it will be testing each one's work -- what kind it is.
14 If anyone's work will be remaining which he builds on it, he will get wages.
15 If anyone's work shall be burned up, he will forfeit it, yet he shall be saved, yet thus, as through fire.
16 Are you not aware that you are a temple of God and the spirit of God is making its home in you?
17 If anyone is corrupting the temple of God, God will be corrupting him, for the temple of God is holy, which you are.
18 Let no one be deluding himself. If anyone among you is presuming to be wise in this eon, let him become stupid, that he may be becoming wise,
19 for the wisdom of this world is stupidity with God. For it is written, "He is clutching the wise in their craftiness."
20 And again, The Lord knows the reasonings of the wise, that they are vain.
21 So that, let no one be boasting in men, for all is yours,
22 whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or the present, or that which is impending -- all is yours,
23 yet you are Christ's, yet Christ is God's.

Chapter 4
1 Thus let a man be reckoning with us -- as deputies of Christ, and administrators of God's secrets.
2 Here, furthermore, it is being sought in administrators that any such may be found faithful.
3 Now to me it is the least trifle that I may be being examined by you or by man's day. But neither am I examining myself.
4 For of nothing am I conscious as to myself, but not by this am I justified. Now He Who is examining me is the Lord.
5 So that, be not judging anything before the season, till the Lord should be coming, Who will also illuminate the hidden things of darkness and manifest the counsels of the hearts. And then applause will be coming to each one from God.
6 Now these things, brethren, I transfer in a figure to myself and Apollos because of you, that in us you may be learning not to be disposed above what is written, that you may not be puffed up, one over the one, against the other.
7 For who is making you to discriminate? Now what have you which you did not obtain? Now if you obtained it also, why are you boasting as though not obtaining?
8 Already are you sated, already are you rich, apart from us you reign. And would that you surely reign, that we also should be reigning together with you!
9 For I suppose that God demonstrates with us, the last apostles, as death-doomed, for we became a theater to the world and to messengers and to men.
10 We are stupid because of Christ, yet you are prudent in Christ. We are weak, yet you are strong. You are glorious, yet we are dishonored.
11 Until the present hour we are hungering also and thirsting, and are naked and are buffeted and unsettled and toiling, working with our own hands.
12 Being reviled, we are blessing; being persecuted, we are bearing with it;
13 being calumniated, we are entreating. As the offscourings of the world we became, the scum of all things, hitherto.
14 Not to be abashing you am I writing these things, but as my children beloved am I admonishing you.
15 For if you should be having ten thousand escorts in Christ, nevertheless not many fathers, for in Christ Jesus, through the evangel, I beget you.
16 I am entreating you, then, become imitators of me.
17 Therefore I send to you Timothy, who is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord, who will be reminding you of my ways which are in Christ Jesus, according as I am teaching everywhere in every ecclesia.
18 Now some were puffed up as though I were not coming to you.
19 Yet I shall be coming to you swiftly, if ever the Lord should be willing, and I will know, not the word of those who are puffed up, but the power.
20 For not in word is the kingdom of God, but in power.
21 What are you wanting? With a rod may I be coming to you, or in love and a spirit of meekness?

Chapter 5
1 Absolutely, it is heard that there is prostitution among you, and such prostitution (which is not even named among the nations), so that someone has his father's wife.
2 And you are puffed up, and mourn not rather, that the one who commits this act may be taken away from your midst.
3 For I, indeed, being absent in body, yet present in spirit, have already, as if present, thus judged the one effecting this,
4 in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (you being gathered, and my spirit, together with the power of our Lord Jesus),
5 to give up such a one to Satan for the extermination of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
6 Not ideal is your boast. Are you not aware that a little leaven is leavening the whole kneading?
7 Clean out, then, the old leaven, that you may be a fresh kneading, according as you are unleavened. For our Passover also, Christ, was sacrificed for our sakes
8 so that we may be keeping the festival, not with old leaven, nor yet with the leaven of evil and wickedness, but with unleavened sincerity and truth.
9 I write to you in the epistle not to be commingling with paramours.
10 And undoubtedly it is not as to the paramours of this world, or the greedy and extortionate, or idolaters, else, consequently, you ought to come out of the world.
11 Yet now I write to you not to be commingling with anyone named a brother, if he should be a paramour, or greedy, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner. With such a one you are not even to be eating.
12 For what is it to me to be judging those outside? You are not judging those within!
13 Now those outside, God is judging. Expel the wicked one from among yourselves.

Chapter 6
1 Dare any of you, having business with another, be judged before the unjust, and not before the saints?
2 Or are you not aware that the saints shall judge the world? And if the world is being judged by you, are you unworthy of the least tribunals?
3 Are you not aware that we shall be judging messengers, not to mention life's affairs?
4 If indeed, then, you should have tribunals for life's affairs, the contemptible in the ecclesia, these you are seating?
5 To abash you am I saying this. Thus is there not among you one wise man who will be able to adjudicate amidst his brethren,
6 but brother is suing brother, and this before unbelievers!
7 Already, indeed, then, it is absolutely a discomfiture for you that you are having lawsuits among yourselves. Wherefore are you not rather being injured? Wherefore are you not rather being cheated?
8 But you are injuring and cheating, and this to brethren!
9 Or are you not aware that the unjust shall not be enjoying the allotment of God's kingdom? Be not deceived. Neither paramours, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor catamites, nor sodomites,
10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards; no revilers, no extortioners shall be enjoying the allotment of God's kingdom.
11 And some of you were these, but you are bathed off, but you are hallowed, but you were justified in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the spirit of our God.
12 All is allowed me, but not all is expedient. All is allowed me, but I will not be put under its authority by anything.
13 Foods for the bowels and the bowels for foods, yet God will be discarding these as well as those. Now the body is not for prostitution, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.
14 Now God rouses the Lord also, and will be rousing us up through His power.
15 Are you not aware that your bodies are members of Christ? Taking, then, the members of Christ away, should I be making them members of a prostitute? May it not be coming to that!
16 Or are you not aware that he who joins a prostitute is one body? For, He is averring, the two will be one flesh.
17 Now he who joins the Lord is one spirit.
18 Flee from prostitution. The penalty of every sin, whatsoever a man should be doing, is outside of the body, yet he who is committing prostitution is sinning against his own body.
19 Or are you not aware that your body is a temple of the holy spirit in you, which you have from God, and you are not your own?
20 For you are bought with a price. By all means glorify God in your body.

Chapter 7
1 Now, concerning what you write to me: It is ideal for a man not to be touching a woman.
2 Yet, because of prostitutions, let each man have a wife for himself and each woman have her own husband.
3 Let the husband render to the wife her due, yet likewise the wife also to the husband.
4 The wife has not the jurisdiction of her own body, but the husband, yet likewise the husband also has not the jurisdiction of his own body, but the wife.
5 Do not deprive one another, except sometime it should be by agreement for a period, that you should have leisure for prayer, and you may be the same again, lest Satan may be trying you because of your incontinence.
6 Now this I am saying as a concession, not as an injunction.
7 For I want all men to be as I myself also, but each has his own gracious gift from God, one indeed, thus, yet one thus.
8 Now I am saying to the unmarried and the widows, that it is ideal for them if ever they should be remaining even as I.
9 Yet if they are not controlling themselves, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to be on fire.
10 Now to the married I am charging, not I, but the Lord: A wife is not to be separated from her husband.
11 Yet if she should be separated also, let her remain unmarried or be conciliated to her husband. And a husband is not to leave his wife.
12 Now to the rest am I speaking, not the Lord. If any brother has an unbelieving wife, and she approves of making a home with him, let him not leave her.
13 And a wife who has an unbelieving husband, and he approves of making a home with her, let her not leave her husband.
14 For the unbelieving husband is hallowed by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is hallowed by the brother, else, consequently, your children are unclean. Yet now they are holy.
15 Yet if the unbeliever is separating, let him separate. A brother or a sister is not enslaved in such a case. Now God has called us in peace.
16 For of what are you aware, O wife -- will you be saving your husband -- or of what are you aware, O husband -- will you be saving your wife --
17 except as the Lord parts it to each? Each as God has called him, thus let him be walking. And thus am I prescribing in all the ecclesias.
18 Was anyone called having been circumcised? Let him not be de-circumcised. Is anyone called in uncircumcision? Let him not circumcise.
19 Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the precepts of God.
20 Each one in the calling in which he was called, in this let him be remaining.
21 Were you called a slave? Let it not be causing you care. But if you are able to become free also, use it rather.
22 For, in the Lord, he who is being called a slave, is the Lord's freedman. Likewise, he who is being called, being free, is a slave of Christ.
23 With a price are you bought. Do not become the slaves of men.
24 Each one, in what he was called, brethren, in this let him remain with God.
25 Now concerning the celibates or virgins, I have no injunction of the Lord. Yet an opinion am I giving, as one who has enjoyed mercy by the Lord to be faithful.
26 I am inferring, then, this ideal to be inherent, because of the present necessity, for it is ideal for humanity to be thus.
27 You are bound to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed. You have been loosed from a wife? Do not seek a wife.
28 Yet if you ever should be marrying, also, you did not sin. And if the virgin should be marrying, she did not sin. Yet affliction in the flesh will such be having. Yet I am sparing you.
29 Now this I am averring, brethren, the era is limited; that, furthermore, those also having wives may be as not having them,
30 and those lamenting as not lamenting, and those rejoicing as not rejoicing, and those buying as not retaining,
31 and those using this world as not using it up. For the fashion of this world is passing by.
32 Now I want you to be without worry. The unmarried one is solicitous about the things of the Lord, how he should be pleasing the Lord.
33 Yet he who marries is solicitous about the things of the world, how he should be pleasing his wife,
34 and is parted. The unmarried woman as well as the virgin: the unmarried one is solicitous about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy in body as well as in spirit, yet she who marries is solicitous about the things of the world, how she should be pleasing her husband.
35 Now this I am saying for your own expedience, not that I should be casting a noose over you, but for that which is respectable and assiduous -- to be undistractedly for the Lord.
36 Now if anyone is inferring it to be indecent for his virgin, if she should be over her meridian, and thus it ought to occur, what he will, let him do. He is not sinning. Let them marry.
37 Yet he who stands settled in his heart, having no necessity, yet has authority as to his own will, and has decided this in his own heart (to be keeping his virgin) ideally will be doing.
38 So that he also who is taking his virgin in marriage, ideally will be doing, yet he who is not taking out in marriage will be doing better.
39 A wife is bound by law for whatever time her husband is living. Yet if the husband should be reposing, she is free to be married to whom she will, only in the Lord.
40 Yet happier is she if ever she should be remaining thus, according to my opinion. Now I presume that I also have God's spirit.

Chapter 8
1 Now concerning the idol sacrifices: We are aware that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, yet love builds up.
2 If anyone is presuming to know anything, he knew not as yet according as he must know.
3 Now if anyone is loving God, this one is known by Him.
4 Then, concerning the feeding on the idol sacrifices: We are aware that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no other God except One.
5 For even if so be that there are those being termed gods, whether in heaven or on earth, even as there are many gods and many lords,
6 nevertheless for us there is one God, the Father, out of Whom all is, and we for Him, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through Whom all is, and we through Him.
7 But not in all is there this knowledge. Now some, used hitherto to the idol, are eating of it as an idol sacrifice, and their conscience, being weak, is being polluted.
8 Now food will not give us a standing with God, neither, if we should not be eating are we in want, nor if we should be eating are we cloyed.
9 Now beware lest somehow this right of yours may become a stumbling block to the weak.
10 For if anyone should be seeing you, who has knowledge, lying down in an idol's shrine, will not the conscience of him who is weak be inured to the eating of the idol sacrifices?
11 For the weak one is perishing also by your knowledge; the brother because of whom Christ died.
12 Now in thus sinning against brethren, and beating their weak conscience, you are sinning against Christ.
13 Wherefore, if food is snaring my brother, I may under no circumstances be eating meat for the eon, lest I should be snaring my brother.

Chapter 9
1 Am I not free? Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? Are you not my work in the Lord?
2 If to others I am not an apostle, nevertheless I surely am to you! For you are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord.
3 My defense to those examining me is this:
4 Have we no right at all to eat and drink?
5 Have we no right at all to be leading about a sister as a wife, even as the rest of the apostles and the brothers of the Lord and Cephas?
6 Or have only I and Barnabas no right not to be working?
7 Who is warring at any time supplying his own rations? Who is planting a vineyard and not eating of its fruit? Or who is tending a flock and not eating of the milk of the flock?
8 Not according to man am I speaking these things. Or is the law not also saying these things?
9 For in the law of Moses it is written: "You shall not muzzle the threshing ox." Not for oxen is the care of God!
10 Or is He undoubtedly saying it because of us? Because of us, for it was written that the plower ought to be plowing in expectation, and the thresher to partake of his expectation.
11 If, in expectation, we sow the spiritual in you, is it a great thing if we shall reap of your fleshly things?
12 If others are partaking of this right from you, are not rather we? Nevertheless we do not use this right, but we are forgoing all, lest we may be giving any hindrance to the evangel of Christ
13 Are you not aware that the workers at the sacred things are eating of the things of the sanctuary? Those settling beside the altar have their portion with the altar.
14 Thus the Lord also prescribes that those who are announcing the evangel are to be living of the evangel.
15 Yet I do not use any of these things. Now I do not write these things that it may be becoming thus with me, for it is my ideal rather to be dying, than that anyone shall be making my boast void.
16 For if I should be bringing the evangel, it is not for me to boast in, for necessity is lying upon me, for it were woe to me if I should not be bringing the evangel!
17 For if I am engaging in this voluntarily, I have wages, yet if involuntarily, I have been entrusted with an administration.
18 What, then, is my wage? That, in bringing the evangel, I should be placing the evangel without expense, so as not to use up my authority in the evangel.
19 For, being free of all, I enslave myself to all, that I should be gaining the more.
20 And I became to the Jews as a Jew, that I should be gaining Jews; to those under law as under law (not being myself under law), that I should be gaining those under law;
21 to those without law as without law (not being without God's law, but legally Christ's), that I should be gaining those without law.
22 I became as weak to the weak, that I should be gaining the weak. To all have I become all, that I should undoubtedly be saving some.
23 Now all am I doing because of the evangel, that I may be becoming a joint participant of it.
24 Are you not aware that those racing in a stadium are, indeed, all racing, yet one is obtaining the prize? Thus be racing that you may be grasping it.
25 Now every contender is controlling himself in all things; they, indeed, then, that they may be obtaining a corruptible wreath, yet we an incorruptible.
26 Now then, thus am I racing, not as dubious, thus am I boxing, not as punching the air,
27 but I am belaboring my body and leading it into slavery, lest somehow, when heralding to others, I myself may become disqualified.

Chapter 10
1 For I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, that our fathers all were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea,
2 and all are baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea,
3 and all ate the same spiritual food,
4 and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank of the spiritual Rock which followed. Now the Rock was Christ.
5 But not in the majority of them does God delight, for they were strewn along in the wilderness.
6 Now these things became types of us, for us not to be lusters after evil things,
7 according as they also lust. Nor yet be becoming idolaters, according as some of them, even as it is written, "Seated are the people to eat and drink, and they rise to sport."
8 Nor yet may we be committing prostitution, according as some of them commit prostitution, and fall in one day twenty-three thousand.
9 Nor yet may we be putting the Lord on trial, according as some of them put Him on trial, and perished by serpents.
10 Nor yet be murmuring even as some of them murmur, and perished by the exterminator.
11 Now all this befalls them typically. Yet it was written for our admonition, to whom the consummations of the eons have attained.
12 So that, let him who is supposing he stands beware that he should not be falling.
13 No trial has taken you except what is human. Now, faithful is God, Who will not be leaving you to be tried above what you are able, but, together with the trial, will be making the sequel also, to enable you to undergo it.
14 Wherefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.
15 As to the prudent am I saying it. Judge ye what I am averring.
16 The cup of blessing which we are blessing, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we are breaking, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?
17 For we, who are many, are one bread, one body, for we all are partaking of the one bread.
18 Observe Israel according to the flesh. Are not those eating the sacrifices participants with the altar?
19 What, then, am I averring? That an idol sacrifice is anything? Or that an idol is anything?
20 But that that which the nations are sacrificing, they are sacrificing to demons and not to God. Now I do not want you to become participants with the demons.
21 You can not drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You can not be partaking of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.
22 Or are we provoking the Lord to jealousy? Not stronger than He are we!
23 All is allowed me, but not all is expedient. All is allowed me, but not all is edifying.
24 Let no one be seeking the welfare of himself, but that of another.
25 Everything that is sold at the meat market be eating, examining nothing because of conscience.
26 For "the Lord's is the earth and that which fills it."
27 If anyone of the unbelievers is inviting you, and you want to go, be eating everything that is placed before you, examining nothing because of conscience.
28 Yet if anyone should be saying to you, "This is a sacred sacrifice," do not eat, because of that one who divulges it, and conscience.
29 Yet conscience, I am saying, not that of yourself, but that of another. For why is my freedom being decided by another's conscience?
30 If I, with gratitude, am partaking, why am I being calumniated for that for which I am giving thanks?
31 Then, whether you are eating or drinking, or anything you are doing, do all for the glory of God.
32 And become not a stumbling block to Jews as well as to Greeks and to the ecclesia of God,
33 according as I also am pleasing all in all things, not seeking my own expedience, but that of the many, that they may be saved.

Chapter 11
1 Become imitators of me, according as I also am of Christ.
2 Now I am applauding you that you remember all of mine, and are retaining the traditions according as I give them over to you.
3 Now I want you to be aware that the Head of every man is Christ, yet the head of the woman is the man, yet the Head of Christ is God.
4 Every man praying or prophesying having aught on his head, is disgracing his Head.
5 Yet every woman praying or prophesying with uncovered head, is disgracing her head, for it is one and the same as being shaven.
6 For if a woman is not covering, let her be shorn also. Now if it is a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covering.
7 For a man, indeed, ought not to be covering his head, being inherently the image and glory of God. Yet the woman is the glory of the man.
8 For man is not out of woman, but woman out of man.
9 For, also, man is not created because of the woman, but woman because of the man.
10 Therefore the woman ought to have authority over her head because of the messengers.
11 However, neither is woman apart from man, nor man apart from woman, in the Lord.
12 For even as the woman is out of the man, thus the man also is through the woman, yet all is of God.
13 Judge in yourselves: Is it becoming in a woman to be praying to God uncovered?
14 Is not even nature itself teaching you that if a man, indeed, should have tresses, it is a dishonor to him,
15 yet if a woman should have tresses, it is her glory, seeing that tresses have been given her instead of clothing?
16 Now if anyone is presuming to be rivalrous, we have no such usage, neither the ecclesias of God.
17 Now in giving this charge I am not applauding, for you are coming together, not for the better, but for discomfiture.
18 For first, indeed, at your coming together in the ecclesia, I am hearing of schisms inhering among you, and some part I am believing.
19 For it must be that there are sects also among you, that those also who are qualified may be becoming apparent among you.
20 Then, at your coming together in the same place, it is not to be eating the Lord's dinner,
21 for each one is getting his own dinner before in the eating, and one, indeed, is hungry, yet one is drunk.
22 For have you no homes at all in which to eat and drink? Or are you despising the ecclesia of God, and mortifying those who have nothing? What may I be saying to you? Shall I be applauding you in this? I am not applauding.
23 For I accepted from the Lord, what I give over also to you, that the Lord Jesus, in the night in which He was given up, took bread,
24 and giving thanks, breaks it and said, "This is My body, broken for your sakes. This do for a recollection of Me."
25 Similarly, the cup also, after dining, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you are drinking, for a recollection of Me."
26 For as often as you are eating this bread and drinking this cup, you are announcing the Lord's death until He should be coming.
27 So that, whoever should be eating the bread or drinking the cup of the Lord unworthily, will be liable for the body and the blood of the Lord.
28 Now let a man test himself first, and thus let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup.
29 For he who is eating and drinking unworthily is eating and drinking judgment to himself, not discriminating the body of the Lord.
30 Therefore many among you are infirm and ailing, and a considerable number are reposing.
31 For if we adjudicated ourselves, we would not be judged.
32 Yet, being judged, we are being disciplined by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.
33 So that, my brethren, when coming together to eat, be waiting for one another.
34 Now if anyone may be hungry, let him eat at home, that you may not be coming together for judgment. Now the rest I shall be prescribing as soon as I should be coming.

Chapter 12
1 Now concerning the spiritual endowments, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant.
2 You are aware that when you were of the nations, you were led away to the voiceless idols, as ever you were led.
3 Wherefore I am making known to you that no one, speaking by God's spirit, is saying, "Anathema is Jesus." And no one is able to say "Lord is Jesus" except by holy spirit.
4 Now there are apportionments of graces, yet the same spirit,
5 and there are apportionments of services, and the same Lord,
6 and there are apportionments of operations, yet the same God Who is operating all in all.
7 Now to each one is being given the manifestation of the spirit, with a view to expedience.
8 For to one, indeed, through the spirit, is being given the word of wisdom, yet to another the word of knowledge, according to the same spirit
9 yet to another faith, by the same spirit, yet to another the graces of healing, by the one spirit,
10 yet to another operations of powerful deeds, yet to another prophecy, yet to another discrimination of spirits, yet to another species of languages, yet to another translation of languages.
11 Now all these one and the same spirit is operating, apportioning to each his own, according as He is intending.
12 For even as the body is one and has many members, yet all the members of the one body, being many, are one body, thus also is the Christ.
13 For in one spirit also we all are baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and all are made to imbibe one spirit.
14 For the body also is not one member, but many.
15 If the foot should be saying, "Seeing that I am not a hand, I am not of the body," not for this is it not of the body.
16 And if the ear should be saying, "Seeing that I am not an eye, I am not of the body" not for this is it not of the body.
17 If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where the scent?
18 Yet now God placed the members, each one of them, in the body according as He wills.
19 Now if it were all one member, where were the body?
20 Yet now there are, indeed, many members, yet one body.
21 Yet the eye can not say to the hand, "I have no need of you," or, again, the head to the feet, "I have no need of you."
22 Nay, much rather, those members of the body supposed to be inherently weaker are necessary,
23 and which we suppose to be a more dishonored part of the body, these we are investing with more exceeding honor, and our indecent members have more exceeding respectability.
24 Now our respectable members have no need, but God blends the body together, giving to that which is deficient more exceeding honor,
25 that there may be no schism in the body, but the members may be mutually solicitous for one another.
26 And whether one member is suffering, all the members are sympathizing, or one member is being esteemed, all the members are rejoicing with it.
27 Now you are the body of Christ, and members of a part,
28 whom also God, indeed, placed in the ecclesia, first, apostles, second, prophets, third, teachers, thereupon powers, thereupon graces of healing, supports, pilotage, species of languages.
29 Not all are apostles. Not all are prophets. Not all are teachers. Not all have powers.
30 Not all have the graces of healing. Not all are speaking languages. Not all are interpreting.
31 Yet be zealous for the greater graces. And still I am showing you a path, suited to transcendence.

Chapter 13
1 If I should be speaking in the languages of men and of the messengers, yet should have no love, I have become resounding copper or a clanging cymbal.
2 And if I should have prophecy and should be perceiving all secrets and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so as to transport mountains, yet have no love, I am nothing.
3 And if ever I should be morselling out all my possessions, and if I should be giving up my body, that I should be boasting, yet may have no love, in nothing do I benefit.
4 Love is patient, is kind. Love is not jealous. Love is not bragging, is not puffed up,
5 is not indecent, is not self-seeking, is not incensed, is not taking account of evil,
6 is not rejoicing in injustice, yet is rejoicing together with the truth,
7 is forgoing all, is believing all, is expecting all, is enduring all.
8 Love is never lapsing: yet, whether prophecies, they will be discarded, or languages, they will cease, or knowledge, it will be discarded.
9 For out of an instalment are we knowing, and out of an instalment are we prophesying.
10 Now whenever maturity may be coming, that which is out of an instalment shall be discarded.
11 When I was a minor, I spoke as a minor, I was disposed as a minor, I took account of things as a minor. Yet when I have become a man, I have discarded that which is a minor's.
12 For at present we are observing by means of a mirror, in an enigma, yet then, face to face. At present I know out of an instalment, yet then I shall recognize according as I am recognized also.
13 Yet now are remaining faith, expectation, love -- these three. Yet the greatest of these is love.

Chapter 14
1 Be pursuing love. Yet be zealous for spiritual endowments, yet rather that you may be prophesying.
2 For he who is speaking in a language is not speaking to men, but to God, for no one is hearing, yet in spirit he is speaking secrets.
3 Yet he who is prophesying is speaking to men for edification and consolation and comfort.
4 He who is speaking in a language is edifying himself, yet he who is prophesying is edifying the ecclesia.
5 Now I want you all to be speaking in languages, yet rather that you may be prophesying, for greater is he who is prophesying than he who is speaking in languages, outside and except he may be interpreting, that the ecclesia may be getting edification.
6 Yet now, brethren, if I should be coming to you speaking in languages, what shall I be benefiting you if ever I should not be speaking to you either in revelation, or in knowledge, or in prophecy, or in teaching?
7 Likewise, soulless things, giving a sound, whether flute or lyre, if they should not be giving a distinction to the utterances, how will the fluting or the lyre playing be known?
8 For if a trumpet, also, should be giving a dubious sound, who will be preparing for battle?
9 Thus, you also, if you should not be giving an intelligible expression through the language, how will it be known what is being spoken? For you will be speaking into the air.
10 There are perchance, so many species of sounds in the world, and nothing is soundless.
11 If, then, I should not be perceiving the import of the sound, I shall be a barbarian to the one speaking, and the one speaking a barbarian to me.
12 Thus you also, since you are zealots for spiritual endowments, seek that you may be superabounding to the edification of the ecclesia.
13 Wherefore let him who is speaking in a language, pray that he may be interpreting.
14 For if I should be praying in a language, my spirit is praying, yet my mind is unfruitful.
15 What is it, then? Should I be praying in the spirit, yet I will be praying with the mind also. In the spirit will I be playing music, yet I will be playing with the mind also.
16 Else, if you should be blessing in the spirit, how shall he who is filling up the place of a plain person be declaring "Amen!" at your giving of thanks, since, in fact, he is not aware what you are saying?
17 For you, indeed, are giving thanks ideally, but the other is not edified.
18 I thank God that I speak in a language more than all of you.
19 But, in the ecclesia, do I want to speak five words with my mind, that I should be instructing others also, or ten thousand words in a language?
20 Brethren, do not become little children in disposition. But in evil be minors, yet in disposition become mature.
21 In the law it is written that, In different languages and by different lips shall I speak to this people, and neither thus will they be hearkening to Me, the Lord is saying.
22 So that languages are for a sign, not to the believers, but to the unbelievers. Yet prophecy is not for the unbelievers, but for believers.
23 If then, the whole ecclesia should be coming together in the same place, and all should be speaking in languages, yet should plain persons or unbelievers be entering, will they not be declaring that you are mad?
24 Now if all should be prophesying, yet some unbeliever or plain person be entering, he is being exposed by all, he is being examined by all.
25 The hidden things of his heart are becoming apparent, and thus, falling on his face, he will be worshiping God, reporting that God really is among you.
26 What, then, is it, brethren? Whenever you may be coming together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a language, has a translation. Let all occur to edification.
27 Besides, if anyone is speaking in a language, by two, or, at the most, three, and by instalments, let one also interpret.
28 Now if there should be no interpreter, let him hush in the ecclesia, yet let him speak to himself and to God.
29 Now, as to prophets, let two or three speak, and let the others discriminate.
30 Yet if it should be revealed to another sitting by, let the first hush,
31 for you can all be prophesying one by one, that all may be learning and all be consoled.
32 And the spiritual endowments of prophets are subject to the prophets.
33 For God is not for turbulence, but peace, as in all the ecclesias of the saints.
34 Let the women in the ecclesias hush, for it is not permitted to them to speak, but let them be subject, according as the law, also is saying.
35 Now, if they want to learn anything, let them be inquiring of their own husbands at home, for it is a shame for a woman to be speaking in the ecclesia.
36 Or from you came out the word of God? Or to you only did it attain?
37 If anyone is presuming to be a prophet or spiritual, let him be recognizing that what I am writing to you is a precept of the Lord.
38 Now if anyone is ignorant, let him be ignorant!
39 So that, my brethren, be zealous to be prophesying, and the speaking in languages do not forbid.
40 Yet let all occur respectably and in order.

Chapter 15
1 Now I am making known to you, brethren, the evangel which I bring to you, which also you accepted, in which also you stand,
2 through which also you are saved, if you are retaining what I said in bringing the evangel to you, outside and except you believe feignedly.
3 For I give over to you among the first what also I accepted, that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures,
4 and that He was entombed, and that He has been roused the third day according to the scriptures,
5 and that He was seen by Cephas, thereupon by the twelve.
6 Thereupon He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the majority are remaining hitherto, yet some were put to repose also.
7 Thereupon He was seen by James, thereafter by all the apostles.
8 Yet, last of all, even as if a premature birth, He was seen by me also.
9 For I am the least of the apostles, who am not competent to be called an apostle, because I persecute the ecclesia of God.
10 Yet, in the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace, which is in me, did not come to be for naught, but more exceedingly than all of them toil I -- yet not I, but the grace of God which is with me.
11 Then, whether I or they, thus we are heralding and thus you believe.
12 Now if Christ is being heralded that He has been roused from among the dead, how are some among you saying that there is no resurrection of the dead?
13 Now if there is no resurrection of the dead, neither has Christ been roused.
14 Now if Christ has not been roused, for naught, consequently, is our heralding, and for naught is your faith.
15 Now we are being found false witnesses also of God, seeing that we testify by God that He rouses Christ, Whom, consequently, He rouses not, if so be that the dead are not being roused.
16 For, if the dead are not being roused, neither has Christ been roused.
17 Now, if Christ has not been roused, vain is your faith -- you are still in your sins!
18 Consequently those also, who are put to repose in Christ, perished.
19 If we are having an expectation in Christ in this life only, more forlorn than all men are we.
20 (Yet now Christ has been roused from among the dead, the Firstfruit of those who are reposing.
21 For since, in fact, through a man came death, through a Man, also, comes the resurrection of the dead.
22 For even as, in Adam, all are dying, thus also, in Christ, shall all be vivified.
23 Yet each in his own class: the Firstfruit, Christ; thereupon those who are Christ's in His presence;
24 thereafter the consummation, whenever He may be giving up the kingdom to His God and Father, whenever He should be nullifying all sovereignty and all authority and power.
25 For He must be reigning until He should be placing all His enemies under His feet.
26 The last enemy is being abolished: death.
27 For He subjects all under His feet. Now whenever He may be saying that all is subject, it is evident that it is outside of Him Who subjects all to Him.
28 Now, whenever all may be subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be subjected to Him Who subjects all to Him, that God may be All in all.)
29 Else what shall those be doing who are baptizing? It is for the sake of the dead absolutely if the dead are not being roused. Why are they baptizing also for their sake?
30 Why are we also in danger every hour?
31 Daily am I dying. By this boast of yours, brethren, which I have in Christ Jesus, our Lord,
32 if, as a man, I fight wild beasts in Ephesus, what is the benefit to me? If the dead are not being roused, "we may be eating and drinking, for tomorrow we are dying."
33 Be not deceived: evil conversations are corrupting kind characters.
34 Sober up justly and do not be sinning, for some have an ignorance of God. To abash you am I saying it.
35 But someone will be protesting, "How are the dead being roused? Now with what body are they coming?"
36 Imprudent one! What you are sowing is not being vivified if it should not be dying.
37 And, what you are sowing, you are not sowing the body which shall come to be, but a naked kernel, perchance of wheat or some of the rest.
38 Yet God is giving it a body according as He wills, and to each of the seeds its own body.
39 Not all flesh is the same flesh, but there is one, indeed, of men, yet another flesh of beasts, yet another flesh of flyers, yet another of fishes.
40 There are bodies celestial as well as bodies terrestrial. But a different glory, indeed, is that of the celestial, yet a different that of the terrestrial,
41 another glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars, for star is excelling star in glory.
42 Thus also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is roused in incorruption.
43 It is sown in dishonor; it is roused in glory. It is sown in infirmity; it is roused in power.
44 It is sown a soulish body; it is roused a spiritual body.
45 If there is a soulish body, there is a spiritual also. Thus it is written also, The first man, Adam, "became a living soul:" the last Adam a vivifying Spirit.
46 But not first the spiritual, but the soulish, thereupon the spiritual.
47 The first man was out of the earth, soilish; the second Man is the Lord out of heaven.
48 Such as the soilish one is, such are those also who are soilish, and such as the Celestial One, such are those also who are celestials.
49 And according as we wear the image of the soilish, we should be wearing the image also of the Celestial.
50 Now this I am averring, brethren, that flesh and blood is not able to enjoy an allotment in the kingdom of God, neither is corruption enjoying the allotment of incorruption.
51 Lo! a secret to you am I telling! We all, indeed, shall not be put to repose, yet we all shall be changed,
52 in an instant, in the twinkle of an eye, at the last trump. For He will be trumpeting, and the dead will be roused incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal put on immortality.
54 Now, whenever this corruptible should be putting on incorruption and this mortal should be putting on immortality, then shall come to pass the word which is written, Swallowed up was Death by Victory.
55 Where, O Death, is your victory? Where, O Death, is your sting?
56 Now the sting of Death is sin, yet the power of sin is the law.
57 Now thanks be to God, Who is giving us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 So that, my beloved brethren, become settled, unmovable, superabounding in the work of the Lord always, being aware that your toil is not for naught in the Lord.

Chapter 16
1 Now, concerning the collection for the saints, even as I prescribe to the ecclesias of Galatia, thus do you also.
2 On one of the sabbaths let each of you lay aside by himself in store that in which he should be prospered, that no collections may be occurring then, whenever I may come.
3 Now whenever I may be coming along, whomsoever you should be attesting through letters, these shall I be sending to carry away your grace to Jerusalem.
4 Now if it should be worth while for me also to be going, they shall be going together with me.
5 Now I shall be coming to you whenever I may pass through Macedonia, for I am passing through Macedonia.
6 Now, perchance, I shall be abiding with you, or wintering also, that you should be sending me forward wheresoever I may be going.
7 For I do not want to see you at present on the way, for I am expecting to stay some time with you, if ever the Lord should permit.
8 Yet I shall stay in Ephesus till Pentecost,
9 for a door has opened for me, great and operative, and many are opposing.
10 Now if Timothy should be coming, look to it that he should be with you fearlessly, for he is working at the work of the Lord, as I also.
11 No one, then, should be scorning him. Now send him forward in peace, that he may be coming to me, for I am awaiting him with the brethren.
12 Now concerning brother Apollos, I entreat him much that he may be coming to you with the brethren, and it was undoubtedly not his will that he should come now, yet he will come whenever he should have an opportunity.
13 Watch! Stand firm in the faith! Be manly! Be staunch!
14 Let all your actions occur in love!
15 Now I am entreating you, brethren -- you are acquainted with the house of Stephanas and Fortunatus, that it is the firstfruit of Achaia, and they set themselves to the service for the saints --
16 that you also may be subject to such, and to every fellow worker and toiler.
17 Now I am rejoicing at the presence of Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus, for this deficiency of yours, these men fill up,
18 for they soothe my spirit and yours. Then be recognizing such.
19 Greeting you are the ecclesias of the province of Asia. Greeting you much in the Lord are Aquila and Prisca, together with the ecclesia of their house.
20 Greeting you are all the brethren. Greet one another with a holy kiss.
21 The salutation is by my hand -- Paul's.
22 If anyone is not fond of the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema! Maran atha!
23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!
24 My love be with all of you in Christ Jesus! Amen!

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