Chapter 1
1 The first account, indeed, I make, O Theophilus, concerning all which Jesus begins both to do and to teach,
2 until the day on which He was taken up; through holy spirit directing the apostles whom He chooses,
3 to whom also He presents Himself alive after His suffering, with many tokens, during forty days, being visualized to them and telling them that which concerns the kingdom of God.
4 And, being foregathered, He charges them not to be departing from Jerusalem, but to be remaining about for the promise of the Father, "which you hear of Me,
5 seeing that John, indeed, baptizes in water, yet you shall be baptized in holy spirit after not many of these days."
6 Those, indeed, then, who are coming together, asked Him, saying, "Lord, art Thou at this time restoring the kingdom to Israel?"
7 Yet He said to them, "Not yours is it to know times or eras which the Father placed in His own jurisdiction.
8 But you shall be obtaining power at the coming of the holy spirit on you, and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in entire Judea and Samaria, and as far as the limits of the earth."
9 And saying these things, while they are looking, He was lifted up, and a cloud took Him up from their eyes.
10 And as they were looking intently into heaven at His going, lo ! two men stand beside them in white attire,
11 who say also, "Men! Galileans! Why do you stand, looking into heaven? This Jesus Who is being taken up from you into heaven shall come thus, in the manner in which you gaze at Him going into heaven."
12 Then they return into Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem a sabbath's journey.
13 And when they entered it, they went up into the upper chamber where they were residing -- both Peter and John and James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James of Alpheus, and Simon the Zealot, and Judas of James.
14 These all were persevering with one accord in prayer, together with the women and Miriam, the mother of Jesus, and His brothers.
15 And in these days Peter, rising in the midst of the brethren, (besides there was a throng in the same place of about a hundred and twenty names)
16 said, "Men! Brethren! Fulfilled must be the scripture in which the holy spirit said before through the mouth of David, concerning Judas, who becomes the guide of those apprehending Jesus,
17 seeing that he was numbered among us, and chanced upon the allotment of this dispensation."
18 (This man, indeed, then, acquires a freehold with the wages of injustice, and coming to fall prone, ruptures in the middle, and all his intestines were poured out.
19 And it became known to all who are dwelling in Jerusalem, so that that freehold is called, in their own vernacular, "Acheldamach," that is, "Freehold of blood.")
20 "For it is written in the scroll of the Psalms, Let his domicile become desolate, And let no one be dwelling in it, and 'Let his supervision be taken by another.'
21 Then, of the men coming together with us in all the time in which the Lord Jesus came in and out to us,
22 beginning from the baptism of John until the day on which He was taken up from us -- of these one is to become a witness of His resurrection together with us."
23 And they nominate two, Joseph, called Bar-Sabbas, who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias.
24 And praying, they say, "Thou, Lord, Knower of all hearts, indicate one whom Thou choosest,
25 out of these two to take the place of this dispensation and apostleship, from which Judas transgressed, to be gone into his own place."
26 And they give lots for them, and the lot falls on Matthias, and he is enumerated with the eleven apostles.

Chapter 2
1 And at the fulfillment of the day of Pentecost they were all alike in the same place.
2 And suddenly there came out of heaven a blare, even as of a violent, carrying blast, and it fills the whole house where they were sitting.
3 And seen by them were dividing tongues as if of fire, and one is seated on each one of them.
4 And they are all filled with holy spirit, and they begin to speak in different languages, according as the spirit gave them to declaim.
5 Now there were dwelling in Jerusalem, Jews, pious men from every nation under heaven.
6 Now when this sound occurs, the multitude came together and was confused, for each one hears them speaking in his own vernacular.
7 Now they are all amazed, and marveled, saying, "Lo! are not all these who are speaking, Galileans?
8 And how are we hearing, each in our own vernacular in which we were born?
9 Parthians and Medes and Elamites and those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea, as well as Cappadocia, Pontus, and the province of Asia,
10 Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt, and the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and the repatriated Romans, both Jews and proselytes,
11 Cretans and Arabs -- we are hearing them speaking in these languages of ours of the great things of God!"
12 Now, amazed are they all, and they were bewildered, saying one to another, "What is this wanting to be?"
13 Yet other, taunting, said that "With sweet wine are they bloated!"
14 Now Peter, standing with the eleven, lifts up his voice and declaims to them: "Men! Jews! and all who are dwelling at Jerusalem! Let this be known to you, and give ear to my declarations,
15 for these are not drunk, as you take it, for it is the third hour of the day.
16 But this is that which has been declared through the prophet Joel:
17 'And it shall be in the last days,' (God is saying) 'I shall be pouring out from My spirit on all flesh, And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, And your youths visions shall be seeing, And your elders dreams shall be dreaming,
18 And surely on My men slaves and on My women slaves in those days shall I be pouring out from My spirit,' and they shall be prophesying.
19 'And I will give miracles in heaven above, And signs on the earth below, Blood and fire and vapor pillars of smoke,
20 The sun shall be converted into darkness And the moon into blood Ere the coming of the day of the Lord, The great and advent day.
21 And it shall be that everyone, whosoever should be invoking the name of the Lord, shall be saved.'
22 Men! Israelites! Hear these words: Jesus, the Nazarene, a Man demonstrated to be from God for you by powerful deeds and miracles and signs, which God does through Him in the midst of you, according as you yourselves are aware --
23 This One, given up in the specific counsel and foreknowledge of God, you, gibbeting by the hand of the lawless, assassinate,
24 Whom God raises, loosing the pangs of death, forasmuch as it was not possible for Him to be held by it.
25 "For David is saying to Him, I saw the Lord before me continually, Seeing that He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken.
26 Therefore gladdened was my heart, And exultant my tongue. Now, still my flesh also shall be tenting in expectation,
27 For Thou wilt not be forsaking my soul in the unseen, Nor wilt Thou be giving Thy Benign One to be acquainted with decay.
28 Thou makest known to me the paths of life. Thou wilt be filling me with gladness with Thy face.'
29 "Men! Brethren! Allow me to say to you with boldness concerning the patriarch David, that he deceases also and was entombed, and his tomb is among us until this day.
30 Being, then, inherently, a prophet, and having perceived that God swears to him with an oath, out of the fruit of his loin to seat One on his throne,
31 perceiving this before, he speaks concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that He was neither forsaken in the unseen, nor was His flesh acquainted with decay.
32 This Jesus God raises, of Whom we all are witnesses.
33 Being, then, to the right hand of God exalted, besides obtaining the promise of the holy spirit from the Father, He pours out this which you are observing and hearing.
34 "For David did not ascend into the heavens, yet he is saying, 'Said the Lord to my Lord, "Sit at My right
35 Till I should be placing Thine enemies for a footstool for Thy feet."'
36 "Let all the house of Israel know certainly, then, that God makes Him Lord as well as Christ -- this Jesus Whom you crucify!"
37 Now, hearing this, their heart was pricked with compunction. Besides, they said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, "What should we be doing, men, brethren?"
38 Now Peter is averring to them, "Repent and be baptized each of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the pardon of your sins, and you shall be obtaining the gratuity of the holy spirit.
39 For to you is the promise and to your children, and to all those afar, whosoever the Lord our God should be calling to Him."
40 Besides, with more and different words, he conjures and entreated them, saying, "Be saved from this crooked generation!"
41 Those indeed, then, who welcome his word, are baptized, and there were added in that day about three thousand souls.
42 Now they were persevering in the teaching of the apostles, and in fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.
43 Now on every soul came fear, yet many miracles and signs occurred through the apostles in Jerusalem. Besides, great fear was on all.
44 Now all those who believe also were in the same place and had all things in common.
45 And they disposed of the acquisitions and the properties, and divided them to all, forasmuch as some would have had need.
46 Besides persevering day by day with one accord in the sanctuary, besides breaking bread home by home, they partook of nourishment with exultation and simplicity of heart,
47 praising God and having favor for the whole people. Now the Lord added those being saved day by day in the same place.

Chapter 3
1 Now Peter and John went up into the sanctuary at the hour of prayer, the ninth.
2 And a certain man, being inherently lame from his mother's womb, was borne, whom they placed day by day at the door of the sanctuary which is termed "Beautiful," to request alms from those going into the sanctuary,
3 who, perceiving Peter and John being about to be passing in into the sanctuary, asked to obtain alms.
4 Now Peter, looking at him intently together with John, said, "Look at us!"
5 Now he attended to them, hoping to get something from them.
6 Yet Peter said, "Silver and gold I do not possess; yet what I have, this I am giving to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, walk!"
7 And seizing his right hand, he raises him up. Now instantly his insteps and ankles were given stability,
8 and, leaping up, he stood and walked and entered with them into the sanctuary, walking and leaping and praising God.
9 And the entire people perceived him walking and praising God.
10 Now they recognized him, that this was the one sitting for alms at the Beautiful Gate of the sanctuary. And they are filled with awe and amazement at that which has befallen him.
11 Now at his holding himself to Peter and John, the entire people ran together to them at the portico called Solomon's, overawed.
12 Now, perceiving it, Peter answers the people: "Men! Israelites! Why are you marveling at this? Or why at us are you looking so intently, as if by our own power or devoutness we had made him walk?
13 The God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, the God of our fathers, glorifies His Boy Jesus, Whom you, indeed, give up and disown before the face of Pilate, when he decides to release Him.
14 Now you disown the holy and just One, and request a man, a murderer, to be surrendered to you as a favor.
15 Yet the Inaugurator of Life you kill, Whom God rouses from among the dead, of which we are witnesses.
16 And in the faith of His name, His name gives stability to this man whom you are beholding, with whom, also, you are acquainted, and the faith which is through Him, gives him this unimpaired soundness in front of you all.
17 "And now, brethren, I am aware that in ignorance you commit it, even as your chiefs also.
18 Yet what God announces before through the mouth of all the prophets -- the suffering of His Christ -- He thus fulfills.
19 Repent, then, and turn about for the erasure of your sins, so that seasons of refreshing should be coming from the face of the Lord,
20 and He should dispatch the One fixed upon before for you, Christ Jesus,
21 Whom heaven must indeed receive until the times of restoration of all which God speaks through the mouth of His holy prophets who are from the eon.
22 "Moses, indeed, said that: A Prophet will the Lord your God, be raising up to you from among your brethren, as me. Him you shall hear, according to all, whatsoever He should be speaking to you.
23 Yet it shall be that every soul whatsoever which should not hear that Prophet shall be utterly exterminated from among the people.
24 Now all the prophets also, from Samuel, and consecutively, whoever speak, also announce these days.
25 You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God covenanted with your fathers, saying to Abraham: And in your seed all the kindreds of the earth shall be blessed.
26 To you first, God, raising His Boy, commissions Him to bless you by turning away each of you from your wickedness."

Chapter 4
1 Now at their speaking to the people, the priests and the officer of the sanctuary and the Sadducees stand by them,
2 being exasperated because of their teaching the people and announcing in Jesus the resurrection from among the dead.
3 And they laid hands on them, and they were placed in custody for the morrow, for it was already dusk.
4 Now many of those who hear the word, believe, and the number of men became about five thousand.
5 Now it occurred on the morrow that their chiefs and the elders and the scribes gathered in Jerusalem,
6 and Hannas, the chief priest, and Caiaphas and John and Alexander, and whoever were of the chief priestly race.
7 And, standing them in the midst, they inquired to ascertain, "By what power or in what name do you do this?"
8 Then Peter, being filled with holy spirit, said to them, "Chiefs of the people and elders!
9 If we today are being examined as to the benefaction to the infirm man, by what he has been saved,
10 let it be known to you all and to the entire people of Israel, that in the name of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, Whom you crucify, Whom God rouses from among the dead, in this name, this man stands by before you sound.
11 This is the Stone that is being scorned by you builders, which is becoming the head of the corner.
12 And there is no salvation in any other one, for neither is there any other name, given under heaven among men, in which we must be saved."
13 Now on beholding the boldness of Peter and John, and grasping that they are unlettered and plain men, they marveled. Besides, they recognized them, that they were with Jesus.
14 Besides, observing the man who has been cured standing with them, they had nothing to contradict.
15 Now, ordering them to come forth out of the Sanhedrin, they parleyed with one another,
16 saying, "What should we be doing to these men? For, indeed, that a known sign has occurred through them is apparent to all who are dwelling at Jerusalem, and we can not deny it.
17 But, lest it may be disseminated more among the people, we should be threatening them that by no means should they still be speaking in this Name to any man."
18 And calling them, they give them a sweeping charge, not to utter aught, nor yet to be teaching in the name of Jesus.
19 Yet Peter and John, answering, said to them, "If it is just in the sight of God to be hearing you rather than God, you judge;
20 for we can not but be speaking of what we perceive and hear."
21 Yet those who are menacing them release them, finding nothing how they should be chastening them, because of the people; for all glorified God for that which has occurred,
22 for the man was of more than forty years, on whom this sign of healing had occurred.
23 Now, being released, they came to their own and report whatever the chief priests and the elders say to them.
24 Now those who hear, with one accord lift up their voice to God and say, " O Owner, Thou Who makest heaven and earth and the sea and all that is in them,
25 Who through holy spirit, by the mouth of our father, Thy boy David, art saying, 'Why are the nations perturbed? And why do the peoples mumble empty phrases?
26 Standing by are the kings of the land, And the chancellors gathered in the same place, Against the Lord and against His Christ.'
27 For of a truth, in this city were gathered against Thy holy Boy Jesus, Whom Thou dost anoint, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, together with the nations and the peoples of Israel,
28 to do whatever Thy hand and Thy counsel designates beforehand to occur.
29 "And now, Lord, take notice of their threatenings, and be Thou endowing Thy slaves with all boldness to be speaking Thy word,
30 by the stretching out of Thy hand for healing and signs and miracles to occur through the name of Thy holy Boy Jesus."
31 And at their beseeching, shaken was the place in which they were gathered, and they are all filled with the holy spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.
32 Now the multitude of those who believe were of one heart and soul, and not even one said that any of his possessions are his own, but it was all theirs in common.
33 And with great power the apostles rendered testimony to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lord. Besides, great grace was on them all,
34 for neither was there any indigent among them, for whoever belonged to the acquirers of freeholds or of houses, selling these, they brought the price of that which is being disposed of,
35 and placed it at the feet of the apostles. Now it was distributed to each, forasmuch as some would have had need.
36 Now Joseph, who by the apostles is surnamed "Barnabas" (which is, being construed, "Son of Consolation"), a Levite, a native Cyprian,
37 selling a field belonging to him, brings the money and places it at the feet of the apostles.

Chapter 5
1 Now a certain man named Ananias, together with Sapphira, his wife, sells an acquisition
2 and embezzles from the price (his wife also having been conscious of it) and, bringing a certain part, he places it at the feet of the apostles.
3 Now Peter said, "Ananias, wherefore does Satan fill your heart for you to falsify to the holy spirit and to embezzle from the price of the freehold?
4 Did it not, while remaining, remain yours? And, being disposed of, it belonged to you by right. Why is it that you placed this matter in your heart? You do not lie to men, but to God."
5 Now Ananias, hearing these words, falling down, gives up the soul. And great fear came on all those hearing these things.
6 Now rising, the younger men enshroud him, and carrying him out, they entomb him.
7 Now it occurred, after an interval of about three hours, that his wife, not being aware of what has occurred, entered.
8 Now Peter answered her, "Tell me if you took so much pay for the freehold?" Now she said, "Yes, so much."
9 Now Peter said to her, Why is it that you agreed to try the spirit of the Lord? Lo! the feet of those who entomb your husband are at the door, and they shall be carrying you out."
10 Now, instantly, she falls at his feet and gives up the soul. Now entering, the youths found her dead, and carrying her out, they entomb her with her husband.
11 And great fear came on the whole ecclesia and on all those who hear these things.
12 Now through the hands of the apostles many signs and miracles occurred among the people. And they were all, with one accord, in the portico of Solomon.
13 Now of the rest, no one dared to join them, but the people magnify them,
14 yet, rather, there were added of those believing the Lord, multitudes of both men and women,
15 so that they are carrying out the infirm into the squares also, and placing them on cots and pallets, that, at Peter's coming, if ever even his shadow should be overshadowing any of them.
16 Now a multitude also from the cities about Jerusalem came together, bringing the infirm and those molested by unclean spirits, all of whom were cured.
17 Now when the chief priest and all those with him rise (being the sect of the Sadducees), they are filled with jealousy,
18 and laid hands on the apostles and place them in public custody.
19 Yet a messenger of the Lord, during the night, opens the doors of the jail. Besides, leading them out, he said,
20 "Go, and, standing in the sanctuary, speak to the people all the declarations of this life."
21 Now, hearing this, they entered into the sanctuary in the early morning and taught. Now the chief priest and those with him, coming along, call together the Sanhedrin and the entire senate of the sons of Israel, and they dispatch to the prison to have them led forth.
22 Yet the deputies, coming along, did not find them in the jail. Now turning back, they report,
23 saying that, "The prison we found locked with all security and the guards standing at the doors. Yet, when opening them, we found no one within."
24 Now as they hear these words, both the officer of the sanctuary and the chief priests were bewildered concerning them, as to whatever may come of this.
25 Now someone, coming along, reports to them that "Lo! the men whom you placed in the jail are in the sanctuary, standing and teaching the people."
26 Then the officer, together with the deputies, coming forth, led them, but not with violence, for they feared the people, lest they should be stoned.
27 Now, leading them, they stand them in the Sanhedrin. And the chief priest inquires of them,
28 saying, "Do we not charge you with a charge not to be teaching in this Name? And lo! you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and are intending to bring on us the blood of this man."
29 Yet answering, Peter and the apostles say, "One must yield to God rather than to men.
30 Now the God of our fathers rouses Jesus, on Whom you lay hands, hanging Him on a pole.
31 This Inaugurator and Saviour, God exalts to His right hand, to give repentance to Israel and the pardon of sins.
32 We are witnesses to these declarations, as well as the holy spirit which God gives to those yielding to Him."
33 Now those who hear were harrowed, and they intended to assassinate them.
34 Yet, rising, a certain Pharisee in the Sanhedrin, named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, honored by the entire people, orders them to put the men outside a bit.
35 Besides he said to them, "Men! Israelites! Take heed to yourselves, as to these men, what you are about to be committing.
36 For before these days rose Theudas, saying that he is somebody himself, to whom men numbering about four hundred inclined, who was assassinated, and all, whoever were persuaded by him, were disbanded, and came to nothing.
37 After this, one rose, Judas, the Galilean, in the days of the registration, and draws away people after him, and he perished, and all, whoever were persuaded by him, are scattered.
38 And now I am saying to you, Withdraw from these men and let them be, for if this counsel or this work should be of men, it will be demolished;
39 yet if it is of God, you will not be able to demolish them -- lest at some time you may be found fighters against God also."
40 Now they are persuaded by him, and, calling the apostles to them, and lashing them, they charge them not to be speaking in the name of Jesus, and release them.
41 They, indeed, then, went from the face of the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they were deemed worthy to be dishonored for the sake of the Name.
42 Besides, every day, in the sanctuary and home by home, they ceased not teaching and bringing the evangel of Christ Jesus.

Chapter 6
1 Now in these days, the disciples multiplying, there came to be a murmuring of the Hellenists against the Hebrews, that their widows were overlooked in the daily dispensation.
2 Now the twelve, calling the multitude of the disciples to them, say, "It is not pleasing for us, leaving the word of God, to be serving at tables.
3 Now, brethren, pick out seven attested men from among you, full of the spirit and of wisdom, whom we will place over this need.
4 Yet we shall be persevering in prayer and the dispensation of the word."
5 And, pleased by the word spoken before the entire multitude, they choose Stephen, a man full of faith and holy spirit, and Philip and Prochoros and Nicanor and Timon and Parmenas and Nicholas, a proselyte of Antioch,
6 whom they stand before the apostles. And, praying, they place their hands on them.
7 And the word of God grows, and the number of the disciples in Jerusalem multiplied tremendously. Besides, a vast throng of the priests obeyed the faith.
8 Now Stephen, full of grace and power, did great miracles and signs among the people.
9 Now there rise certain of those of the synagogue termed Freedmen, and of the Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and of those from Cilicia and the province of Asia, discussing with Stephen.
10 And they were not strong enough to withstand the wisdom and the spirit with which he spoke.
11 Then they suborned men, saying that, "We have heard him speaking declarations, blaspheming Moses and God."
12 They stir up the people as well as the elders and the scribes, and standing by, they grip him, and led him into the Sanhedrin.
13 Besides, they put false witnesses on the stand, who say, "This man does not cease speaking, making declarations against this holy place and the law,
14 for we have heard him saying that this Jesus the Nazarene will be demolishing this place and will be changing the customs which Moses gives over to us."
15 And looking intently at him, all those seated in the Sanhedrin perceived his face as if it were the face of a messenger.

Chapter 7
1 Now the chief priest said, "Are these thing so?"
2 Now he averred, "Men, brethren, and fathers, hear! The God of glory was seen by our father Abraham, being in Mesopotamia, ere he dwelt in Charan,
3 and said to him, 'Come out of your land and from your relationship and come hither into the land which I would be showing to you.'
4 Then, coming out of the land of the Chaldeans, he dwells in Charan, and thence, after the death of his father, He exiles him into this land in which you are now dwelling.
5 And He does not give him any allotment to enjoy in it, nor even a platform for a foot. "And He promises to give it to him for a tenure and to his seed after him, there being no child of his.
6 Yet God speaks thus, that his seed shall be a sojourner in an alien land, and they shall enslave it and illtreat it four hundred years.
7 And the nation for whichsoever they should be slaving shall I judge, said God. And after these things they shall be coming out and offering divine service to Me in this place.
8 "And He gives him the covenant of circumcision. And thus he begets Isaac, and circumcised him on the eighth day, and Isaac Jacob, and Jacob the twelve patriarchs.
9 "And the patriarchs, being jealous of Joseph, gave him up into Egypt. And God was with him,
10 and extricates him out of all his afflictions, and gives him favor and wisdom in front of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and constitutes him governor over Egypt and over his whole house.
11 "Now a famine came on the whole of Egypt and Canaan, and the affliction was great, and our fathers found no provender.
12 Now Jacob, hearing that there are stores of grain in Egypt, delegates our fathers first.
13 And in the second time Joseph is made re-known to his brethren, and Joseph's race became apparent to Pharaoh.
14 "Now Joseph, dispatching them, calls for Jacob, his father, and the entire relationship among seventy-five souls.
15 And Jacob descended into Egypt, and he deceases, he and our fathers,
16 and they were transferred to Shechem and placed in the tomb which Abraham purchases for a price, in silver, from the sons of Hamor in Shechem.
17 "Now, as the time of the promise which God avows to Abraham drew near, the people grow and were multiplied in Egypt,
18 until a different king rose over Egypt, who had not been acquainted with Joseph.
19 This one, dealing astutely with our race, illtreats the fathers, causing their babes to be exposed that they should not live.
20 In which era Moses was born (and was handsome even to God), who was reared three months in the home of his father.
21 Now, at his being exposed, Pharaoh's daughter lifts him up and rears him for herself, for a son.
22 And Moses was trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, yet was powerful in his words and works.
23 "Now as his forty-year time was completed, it came on his heart to visit his brethren, the sons of Israel.
24 And perceiving someone being injured, he succors him, and does the avenging of him who is harried, smiting the Egyptian.
25 Now he inferred that his brethren understood that God, through his hand, is giving salvation to them; yet they do not understand.
26 Besides, on the ensuing day he was seen by them as they are fighting, and he interceded with them for peace, saying, Men! Brethren are you! Why is it that you are injuring one another?
27 Yet he who is injuring his associate, thrusts him away, saying 'Who constitutes you a chief and a justice over us?
28 You do not want to despatch me in the manner you despatched the Egyptian yesterday?'
29 Now Moses fled at this word, and became a sojourner in the land of Midian, where he begets two sons.
30 "And, at the completion of forty years, a messenger was seen by him in the wilderness of mount Sinai, in the flame of a thorn bush fire.
31 Now Moses, perceiving it, marvels at the vision. Yet, at his approaching to consider it, the voice of the Lord came:
32 I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Now Moses, coming to be in a tremor, dared not consider it.
33 "Now the Lord said to him, 'Loose the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy land.'
34 'In perceiving I perceived the ill treatment of My people who are in Egypt,' and their groaning I hear, 'and I descended to extricate them.' And now, come hither that I should be dispatching you into Egypt.
35 "This Moses, whom they disown, saying, 'Who constitutes you a chief and a justice over us?' this one has God commissioned to be a chief as well as a redeemer, a justice, with the hand of the messenger who was seen by him in the thorn bush.
36 This man led them out, doing miracles and signs in the land of Egypt and in the Red Sea, and in the wilderness forty years.
37 This is the Moses who says to the sons of Israel: A Prophet will God be raising up to you from among your brethren, as me.
38 This is he who came to be in the ecclesia in the wilderness with the messenger, who speaks to him in mount Sinai, and with our fathers, who receives the living oracles to give to you,
39 to whom our fathers are not willing to become obedient, but they thrust him away, and turned to Egypt in their hearts,
40 saying to Aaron, 'Make us gods who will go before us -- for this Moses, the man who led us out of the land of Egypt, we are not aware what became of him.'
41 "And they make a calf in those days, and they led up the sacrifice to the idol, and made merry with the works of their hands.
42 Now God turns and gives them up to be offering divine service to the host of heaven, according as it is written in the scroll of the prophets: Do you not offer Me slain victims and sacrifices forty years in the wilderness, house of Israel?
43 And you took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the constellation of your god Raiphan, the models which you make, to worship them. 'And I shall be exiling you beyond Babylon.
44 "The tabernacle of the testimony was with our fathers in the wilderness, according as He prescribes, Who speaks to Moses, to make it according to the model which he had seen,
45 which also our fathers who succeed him, with Joshua, led into the tenure of the nations, whom God thrusts out from the face of our fathers, till the days of David,
46 who found favor before God. And he requests that he may find a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.
47 "Yet Solomon builds Him a house.
48 But the Most High is not dwelling in what is made by hands, according as the prophet is saying,
49 '"Heaven is My throne, yet the earth is a footstool for My feet. What kind of house shall be built for Me?" the Lord is saying, or what is the place of My stopping?"
50 Is it not My hand that does all these things?'
51 Stiff-necked and uncircumcised in your hearts and ears, you are ever clashing with the holy spirit! As your fathers, you also!
52 Which of the prophets do not your fathers persecute? And they kill those who announce before concerning the coming of the Just One, of Whom now you became the traitors and murderers --
53 who got the law for a mandate of messengers and do not maintain it!"
54 Now, hearing these things, they were harrowed in their hearts, and gnashed their teeth at him.
55 Now possessing the fullness of faith and holy spirit, looking intently into heaven, he perceived the glory of God, and Jesus, standing at the right hand of God,
56 and said, "Lo! I am beholding the heavens opened up, and the Son of Mankind standing at the right hand of God."
57 Now, crying with a loud voice, they pressed their ears and rush on him with one accord.
58 And, casting him out, outside of the city, they pelted him with stones. And the witnesses put off their garments at the feet of a young man called Saul.
59 And they pelted Stephen with stones, while he is invoking and saying, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!"
60 Now, kneeling, he cries with a loud voice, "Lord, Thou shouldst not stand against them this sin!" And saying this, he was put to repose.

Chapter 8
1 Yet Saul was endorsing his assassination. Now in that day there came to be a great persecution of the ecclesia which is in Jerusalem, and they were all dispersed among the districts of Judea and Samaria, save the apostles.
2 Yet pious men are Stephen's pallbearers, and they make a great grieving over him.
3 Now Saul devastated the ecclesia; going into the homes, dragging out both men and women, he gave them over to jail.
4 Those indeed, then, who are dispersed, passed through, evangelizing with the word.
5 Now Philip, coming down into the city of Samaria, heralded Christ to them.
6 Now the throngs with one accord heeded the things being said by Philip, on hearing them and observing the signs which he did.
7 For from many of those having unclean spirits, they came out, imploring with a loud voice. Now many who were paralyzed and lame were cured.
8 Now much joy came to be in that city.
9 Yet, before this, a certain man named Simon existed in the city by using magic and amazing the nation of Samaria, saying himself to be some great one,
10 whom they all heeded, from the small to the great, saying, "This man is the power of the god which is called Great."
11 Now they heeded him because of the considerable time the magic had to amaze them.
12 Yet when they believe Philip bringing the evangel concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.
13 Now Simon, he also believes, and being baptized, was waiting on Philip. Besides, beholding the signs and great powerful deeds occurring, he is amazed.
14 Now the apostles in Jerusalem, hearing that Samaria has received the word of God, dispatch to them Peter and John,
15 who, descending, pray concerning them, so that they may be obtaining holy spirit,
16 for not as yet was it fallen on any of them, yet only, having been baptized, they belonged to the name of the Lord Jesus.
17 Then they place their hands on them, and they obtained holy spirit.
18 Yet Simon, perceiving that through the imposition of the hands of the apostles the spirit is being given, offers them money,
19 saying, "Give me also this authority, that on whomsoever I may be placing my hands, he may be obtaining holy spirit."
20 Yet Peter said to him, "May your silver be for destruction together with you, seeing that you infer that the gratuity of God is to be acquired by means of money!
21 For you there is neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not straight in front of God.
22 Repent, then, from this evil of yours, and beseech the Lord, if, consequently, the notion of your heart will be forgiven you.
23 For I see you are in the bile of bitterness and the fetter of injustice."
24 Now answering, Simon said, "You beseech the Lord for my sake so that nothing may be coming on me which you have declared."
25 Those indeed, then, who certify and speak the word of the Lord, returned to Jerusalem. Besides, they evangelized many villages of the Samaritans.
26 Now a messenger of the Lord speaks to Philip, saying, "Rise and go at midday on the road which is descending from Jerusalem to Gaza. This is a wilderness."
27 And rising, he went. And lo! a man, an Ethiopian eunuch, a potentate of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was over her entire exchequer, who had come, to be worshiping, to Jerusalem.
28 Besides, he was returning and sitting on his chariot, and he read the prophet Isaiah.
29 Now the spirit said to Philip, "Approach and be joined to this chariot."
30 Now Philip, running toward him, hears him reading Isaiah the prophet, and said, "Consequently, you surely know what you are reading!"
31 Yet he said, "For how should I be able, if ever someone should not be guiding me?" Besides, he entreats Philip, stepping up, to be seated with him.
32 Now the context of the scripture which he read was this: "As a sheep to slaughter was He led, And as a lamb in front of its shearer is not bleating, Thus He is not opening His mouth.
33 In His humiliation His judging was taken away. His generation who will be relating? For His life is being taken away from the earth."
34 Now answering, the eunuch said to Philip, "I beseech you, concerning whom is the prophet saying this, concerning himself or concerning some different person?"
35 Now Philip, opening his mouth, and beginning from this scripture, evangelizes to him Jesus.
36 Now as they went along the road they came to some water, and the eunuch is averring, "Lo ! Water! What is preventing me from being baptized?"
37 (no verse 37)
38 And he orders the chariot to stand, and they both descended into the water, both Philip and the eunuch, and he baptizes him.
39 Now when they stepped up out of the water, the spirit of the Lord snatches away Philip, and the eunuch did not perceive him any longer, for he went his way rejoicing.
40 Now Philip was found in Azotus, and, passing through, he brought the evangel to all the cities, till his coming into Caesarea.

Chapter 9
1 Now Saul, still breathing out threatening and murder against the disciples of the Lord, approaching the chief priest,
2 requests from him letters for Damascus to the synagogues, so that, if he should be finding any who are of the way, both men and women, he may be leading them bound to Jerusalem.
3 Now in his going he came to be nearing Damascus. Suddenly a light out of heaven flashes about him.
4 And falling on the earth, he hears a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?"
5 Yet he said, "Who art Thou, Lord?" Yet He said, "I am Jesus Whom you are persecuting.
6 Nevertheless, rise and enter the city, and it will be spoken to you what you must be doing."
7 Now the men who are journeying with him stood dumbfounded, hearing, indeed, the sound, yet beholding no one.
8 Now Saul was raised from the earth, yet, his eyes being open, he observed nothing. Now, leading him by the hand, they led him into Damascus,
9 and he was three days not observing aught, and he neither ate nor drank.
10 Now there was a certain disciple in Damascus named Ananias, and the Lord said to him in a vision, "Ananias!" Now he said, "Lo! it is I, Lord!"
11 Now the Lord to him, "Rise! Go to the street called 'Straight,' and seek in the house of Judas for a Tarsian named Saul, for lo! he is praying.
12 And he perceived in a vision a man named Ananias entering and placing his hands on him so that he should be receiving sight."
13 Yet Ananias answered, "Lord, I hear from many about this man, how much evil he does to Thy saints in Jerusalem.
14 And here he has authority from the chief priests to bind all who are invoking Thy name."
15 Yet the Lord said to him "Go, for he is a choice instrument of Mine, to bear My name before both the nations and kings, besides the sons of Israel,
16 for I shall be intimating to him how much he must be suffering for My name's sake."
17 Now Ananias came away and entered the house, and placing his hands on him, he said, "Saul! Brother! The Lord has commissioned me (Jesus, Who was seen by you on the road by which you came), so that you should be receiving sight and be filled with holy spirit."
18 And immediately fall from his eyes as if scales, and he receives sight. Besides, rising, also, he is baptized,
19 and obtaining nourishment, is strengthened. Now he came to be with the disciples in Damascus some days.
20 And immediately, in the synagogues, he heralded Jesus, that He is the Son of God.
21 Now amazed are all who are hearing, and they said, "Is not this the one who, in Jerusalem, ravages those who are invoking this Name? And for this had he come here, that he may be leading them bound to the chief priests."
22 Yet Saul was the more invigorated, and threw the Jews dwelling in Damascus into confusion, deducing that this One is the Christ.
23 Now as a considerable number of days were fulfilled, the Jews consult to assassinate him.
24 Yet known to Saul is their plot. Now they scrutinized the gates also, both by day and by night, so that they may be assassinating him.
25 Yet the disciples, getting him at night, let him down through the wall, lowering him in a hamper.
26 Now, on coming along to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples; and all feared him, not believing that he is a disciple.
27 Yet Barnabas, getting hold of him, led him to the apostles and relates to them how he became acquainted with the Lord on the road, and that He speaks to him, and how, in Damascus, he speaks boldly in the name of Jesus.
28 And he was with them, going in and out, in Jerusalem.
29 Speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, he both spoke and discussed with the Hellenists. Yet they took in hand to assassinate him.
30 Now realizing this, the brethren led him down into Caesarea, and they send him away to Tarsus.
31 Indeed, then, the ecclesia down the whole of Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace, being edified, and, going on in the fear of the Lord and the consolation of the holy spirit, multiplied.
32 Now it occurred that Peter, passing through all, comes down to the saints who are dwelling at Lydda also.
33 Now he found there a certain man named Eneas, eight years lying down on a pallet, who was paralyzed.
34 And Peter said to him, "Eneas, Jesus Christ is healing you! Rise and spread your pallet by yourself!" And immediately he rose.
35 And aware of him are all those dwelling at Lydda and Saron, who turn back to the Lord.
36 Now in Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha, which, being interpreted, is termed Dorcas ["Gazelle"]. This woman was full of good acts and alms which she did.
37 Now it occurred in those days that, being infirm, she dies. Now, bathing her, they place her in an upper chamber.
38 Now, Lydda being near Joppa, the disciples, hearing that Peter is in it, dispatch two men to him, entreating, "You should not be slothful in passing through to us!"
39 Now Peter, rising, came together with them, whom, coming along, they led up into the upper chamber. And beside him stand all the widows, lamenting and exhibiting tunics and garments, whatever Dorcas made while she was with them.
40 Now Peter, ejecting them all outside and kneeling, prays. And turning about to the body, he said, "Tabitha, rise!" Now she opens her eyes, and perceiving Peter, sits up.
41 Now giving her a hand, he raises her. Now summoning the saints and the widows, he presents her alive.
42 Now it became known down the whole of Joppa, and many believe on the Lord.
43 Now it came that he remains a considerable number of days in Joppa with a certain Simon, a tanner.

Chapter 10
1 Now a certain man in Caesarea, named Cornelius, a centurion of a squadron called "Italian,"
2 devout and fearing God with his entire house, doing many alms to the people and beseeching God continually,
3 perceived in a vision manifestly, as if about the ninth hour of the day, a messenger of God entering to him and saying to him, "Cornelius!"
4 Now he, looking intently at him, and becoming affrighted, said, "What is it, lord?" Now he said to him, "Your prayers and your alms ascended for a memorial in front of God.
5 And now send men to Joppa, and send after a certain Simon, who is surnamed Peter.
6 This man is lodging with a certain Simon, a tanner, whose house is beside the sea."
7 Now as the messenger who is speaking to him came away, summoning two of the domestics and a devout soldier of those who waited on him,
8 and unfolding it all to them, he dispatches them to Joppa.
9 Now, on the morrow, as they are journeying and drawing near the city, Peter went up on the housetop to pray about the sixth hour of the day.
10 Now he became ravenous and wanted to taste food. Now, while they are preparing it, an ecstasy came on him,
11 and he is beholding heaven open and a certain utensil descending, as a large sheet, with four edges, being let down on the earth,
12 in which belonged all the quadrupeds and reptiles of the earth and the flying creatures of heaven.
13 And a voice came to him, "Rise, Peter! Sacrifice and eat!"
14 Yet Peter said, "Far be it from me, Lord, for I never ate anything contaminating and unclean!"
15 And again, a second time, a voice came to him, "What God cleanses, do not you count contaminating!"
16 Now this occurred thrice, and straightway the utensil was taken up into heaven.
17 Now, as Peter was bewildered in himself as to what the vision which he perceived should be, lo! the men who have been dispatched by Cornelius, asking the way through to the house of Simon, stand by at the portal.
18 And, shouting, they inquired to ascertain if Simon, surnamed Peter, is lodging in this place.
19 Now, as Peter is engrossed, concerned with the vision, the spirit said to him, "Lo! three men are seeking you!
20 But, rising, descend and go with them, nothing doubting, for I have commissioned them."
21 Now Peter, descending to the men, said, "Lo! I am he whom you are seeking. What is the cause for which you are present?"
22 Now they say, "Cornelius, a centurion, a man just and God-fearing, besides being attested by the whole nation of the Jews, is apprized by a holy messenger to send after you to come into his house, and to hear declarations from you."
23 Calling them in, then, he lodges them. Now on the morrow, on rising, he came away together with them, and some of the brethren from Joppa came with him.
24 Now on the morrow he entered into Caesarea. Now Cornelius was hoping for them, calling together his relatives and intimate friends.
25 Now as Peter came to enter, Cornelius, meeting with him, falling at his feet, worships.
26 Yet Peter raises him, saying, "Rise! I myself also am a man."
27 And, conversing with him, he entered, and is finding many come together.
28 Besides, he averred to them, "You are versed in the fact how illicit it is for a man who is a Jew to join or come to another tribe, and God shows me not to say that any man is contaminating or unclean.
29 Wherefore, without gainsaying, also, being sent after, I came. I am inquiring to ascertain, then, on what account you send after me."
30 And Cornelius averred, "Four days ago unto this hour was I fasting, and at the ninth, praying in my house, and lo! a man stood before me in splendid attire,
31 and is averring, 'Cornelius, your prayer is hearkened to, and your alms are brought to remembrance in God's sight.
32 Send, then, into Joppa, and call for Simon, who is surnamed Peter. He is lodging in the house of Simon, a tanner, beside the sea.'
33 Forthwith, then I send to you. Besides you do ideally in coming along. Now, then, we are all present in God's sight to hear all that you have been bidden by the Lord."
34 Now Peter, opening his mouth, said, "Of a truth I am grasping that God is not partial,
35 but in every nation he who is fearing Him and acting righteously is acceptable to Him.
36 Of the word He dispatches to the sons of Israel, bringing the evangel of peace through Jesus Christ (He is Lord of all),
37 you are aware, the declaration coming to be down the whole of Judea, beginning from Galilee after the baptism which John heralds:
38 Jesus from Nazareth, as God anoints Him with holy spirit and power, Who passed through as a benefactor and healer of all those who are tyrannized over by the Adversary, for God was with Him.
39 "And we are witnesses of all that He does, both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem; Whom they assassinate also, hanging Him on a pole.
40 This One God rouses the third day, and gives Him to become disclosed,
41 not to the entire people, but to witnesses who have been selected before by God, to us who ate and drank together with Him after His rising from among the dead.
42 And He charges us to herald to the people and to certify that this One is He Who is specified by God to be Judge of the living and the dead.
43 To this One are all the prophets testifying: Everyone who is believing in Him is to obtain the pardon of sins through His name."
44 While Peter is still speaking these declarations, the holy spirit falls on all those hearing the word.
45 And amazed were the believers of the Circumcision, whoever come together with Peter, seeing that on the nations also the gratuity of the holy spirit has been poured out.
46 For they heard them speaking in languages and magnifying God.
47 Then Peter answered, "There can not be anyone to forbid water, so that these are not to be baptized, who obtained the holy spirit even as we."
48 Now he bids them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they ask him to stay some days.

Chapter 11
1 Now the apostles and the brethren who are of Judea hear that the nations also receive the word of God.
2 Now when Peter went up into Jerusalem, those of the Circumcision doubted him,
3 saying that "You entered to men having uncircumcision, and you ate with them!"
4 Now Peter begins and expounded it to them consecutively,
5 saying, "I was in the city of Joppa, praying; and I perceived, in an ecstasy, a vision, a certain utensil descending, as a large sheet with four edges, being let down out of heaven; and it came as far as me.
6 Into which, looking intently, I considered and perceived the quadrupeds of the earth and the wild beasts and the reptiles and the flying creatures of heaven.
7 Now I hear a voice also, saying to me, 'Rise, Peter! Sacrifice and eat!'
8 Yet I said, 'Far be it from me, Lord, for a thing contaminating or unclean never entered into my mouth!'
9 Yet the voice answered a second time out of heaven, 'What God cleanses, do not you count contaminating!'
10 Now this occurred thrice, and it is all pulled up again into heaven.
11 "And lo! forthwith three men stand by at the house in which we were, having been dispatched from Caesarea to me.
12 Now the spirit said to me to come together with them, nothing doubting. Now these six brethren also came with me, and we entered into the man's house.
13 "Now he reports to us how he perceived the messenger, standing in his house and saying, 'Dispatch to Joppa and send after Simon, who is surnamed Peter,
14 who will be speaking declarations to you by which you shall be saved, you and your entire house.'
15 "Now as I begin to speak, the holy spirit falls on them, even as on us also in the beginning.
16 Now I am reminded of the declaration of the Lord, as He said that 'John, indeed, baptizes in water, yet you shall be baptized in holy spirit.'
17 If, then, God gives them the equal gratuity as to us also, when believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I -- able to forbid God?"
18 Now, on hearing these things, they are quiet, and glorify God, saying, "Consequently, to the nations also God gives repentance unto life!"
19 Those indeed, then, who are dispersed from the affliction which is occurring over Stephen, passed through as far as Phoenicia and Cyprus and Antioch, speaking the word to no one except to Jews only.
20 Now some of them were the Cyprian men and Cyrenians, who, coming into Antioch, spoke to the Hellenists also, evangelizing to them the Lord Jesus.
21 And the hand of the Lord was with them. Besides, a vast number who believe turn back to the Lord.
22 Now the account concerning them is heard in the ears of the ecclesia which is in Jerusalem, and they delegate Barnabas to Antioch,
23 who, coming along and perceiving the grace of God, rejoiced and entreated all with purpose of heart to be remaining in the Lord --
24 for he was a good man and full of holy spirit and faith. And a considerable throng was added to the Lord.
25 Now he came away to Tarsus to hunt Saul,
26 and finding him, he led him to Antioch. Now it came that they are gathered a whole year, also, in the ecclesia, and teach a considerable throng. Besides, in Antioch first, the disciples are styled "Christians."
27 Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch.
28 Now one of them, named Agabus, rising, signifies through the spirit, the great famine which is about to be on the whole inhabited earth, which occurred under Claudius.
29 Now according as any of the disciples thrived, each of them designate something to send to the brethren dwelling in Judea, for dispensing;
30 which they do also, dispatching to the elders through the hand of Barnabas and Saul.

Chapter 12
1 Now at that season Herod the king put forth his hands to illtreat some from the ecclesia.
2 Now he assassinated James, the brother of John, with the sword.
3 Now perceiving that it is pleasing to the Jews, he proceeded to apprehend Peter also (now they were the days of unleavened bread),
4 whom, arresting also, he placed in jail, giving him over to four quaternions of soldiers to guard him, intending after the Passover to lead him up to the people.
5 Peter, indeed, then, was kept in the jail, yet prayer was earnestly made by the ecclesia to God concerning him.
6 Now when Herod was about to be leading him to them, in that night Peter was reposing between two soldiers, bound with two chains, besides which guards before the door kept the jail.
7 And lo! a messenger of the Lord stood by, and a light shines in the room. Now smiting Peter on the side, he rouses him, saying, "Rise quickly!" And off fall his chains from his hands.
8 Now the messenger said to him, "Gird yourself and bind on your soles." Now he does thus. And he is saying to him, "Throw your cloak about you and follow me."
9 And, coming out, he followed him. And he had not perceived that what is occurring by means of the messenger is true, yet he seemed to be observing a vision.
10 Now, passing through the first jail and the second, they come to the iron gate that brings them into the city, which spontaneously was opened to them. And, coming out, they came forward one street, and immediately the messenger withdrew from him.
11 And Peter, coming to himself, said, "Now I truly am aware that the Lord delegates His messenger, and extricates me out of the hand of Herod and all the hope of the Jewish people.
12 Besides, being conscious, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John who is surnamed Mark, where a considerable number were, convened together and praying.
13 Now at his knocking at the door of the portal, a maid approached to obey, named Rhoda.
14 And, recognizing the voice of Peter, for joy she does not open the portal. Yet, running in, she reports Peter standing before the portal.
15 Yet they say to her, "You are mad!" Yet she stoutly insisted on having it thus. Yet they said, "It is his messenger."
16 Yet Peter persisted in knocking. Now, opening, they perceive him and were amazed.
17 Yet gesturing with a hand to them to hush, he relates to them how the Lord led him out of the jail. Besides, he said, "Report these things to James and the brethren." And, coming out, he went to a different place.
18 Now, at the coming of day, there was no slight disturbance among the soldiers as to what, consequently, became of Peter.
19 Now Herod, seeking for him and not finding him, examining the guards, orders them to be led away to death. And, coming down from Judea into Caesarea, he tarried there.
20 Now he was in a fighting fury, with the Tyrians and Sidonians. Yet, with one accord, they were present with him, and, persuading Blastus, the king's chamberlain, they requested peace, because their country was nourished from the king's.
21 Now on a set day, Herod, dressed in royal attire, being seated on the dais, harangued to them.
22 Now the populace retorted, "A god's voice, and not a man's!"
23 Now instantly a messenger of the Lord smites him, because he gives not the glory to God, and, becoming the food of worms, he gives up his soul.
24 Yet the word of God grows and was multiplied.
25 Now Barnabas and Saul return out of Jerusalem, completing the dispensing, taking along with them John, who is surnamed "Mark."

Chapter 13
1 Now there were in Antioch, to accord with the ecclesia which is there, prophets and teachers, both Barnabas and Simeon, called Niger, and Lucius the Cyrenian, besides Manaen, the tetrarch Herod's foster brother, and Saul.
2 Now, at their ministering to the Lord and fasting, the holy spirit said, "Sever, by all means, to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them."
3 Then, fasting and praying and placing their hands on them, they dismiss them.
4 They, indeed, then, being sent out by the holy spirit, came down into Seleucia. Besides, from thence they sail away to Cyprus.
5 And, coming to be in Salamis, they announced the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews. Now they had John also as a deputy.
6 Now, passing through the whole island up to Paphos, they found a certain man, a magician, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Bar-Jesus,
7 who was with the proconsul Sergius Paul, an intelligent man. He, calling to him Barnabas and Saul, seeks to hear the word of God.
8 Now Elymas, the "Magician" (for thus is his name construed), withstood them, seeking to pervert the proconsul from the faith.
9 Now Saul, who is also Paul, being filled with holy spirit, looking intently at him,
10 said, "O, full of all guile and all knavery, son of the Adversary, enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease perverting the straight ways of the Lord?
11 And now, lo! the hand of the Lord is on you, and you shall be blind, not observing the sun until the appointed time." Now instantly there falls on him a fog and darkness, and, going about, he sought someone to lead him by the hand.
12 Then the proconsul, perceiving what has occurred, believes, being astonished at the teaching of the Lord.
13 Now setting out from Paphos, those about Paul came to Perga of Pamphylia. Yet John, departing from them, returns to Jerusalem.
14 Now they, passing through from Perga, came along into Antioch, Pisidia, and, entering into the synagogue the day of the sabbaths, they are seated.
15 Now, after the reading of the law and the prophets, the chiefs of the synagogue dispatch to them, saying, "Men, brethren, if there is in you any word of entreaty for the people, say it."
16 Now Paul, rising and gesturing with his hand, said "Men, Israelites, and those who are fearing God, hear!
17 The God of this people Israel chooses our fathers, and exalts the people in the sojourn in the land of Egypt, and with a high arm He led them out of it.
18 And for about forty years' time He carries them, as a nurse, in the wilderness.
19 And, pulling down seven nations in the land of Canaan, He distributes their land by lot
20 (about four hundred and fifty years). And after this He gives judges till Samuel the prophet.
21 And thence they request a king, and God gives them Saul, son of Kish, a man out of the tribe of Benjamin, forty years.
22 And, deposing him, He rouses David for their king, to whom He said also, in testifying, 'I found David, of Jesse, a man according to My heart, who will be doing all My will.'
23 From this one's seed, God, according to the promise, led to Israel a Saviour, Jesus.
24 "The previous heralding of John, before His personal entrance, was the baptism of repentance to the entire people of Israel.
25 Now as John completed his career, he said, 'What you are suspecting me to be, I am not. But lo! coming after me is One, the sandal of Whose feet I am not worthy to loose.'
26 "Men! Brethren! Sons of the race of Abraham, and those among you who are fearing God! To us was the word of this salvation dispatched.
27 For those dwelling in Jerusalem and their chiefs, being ignorant of Him and of the voices of the prophets which are read on every sabbath, fulfill them in judging Him.
28 And, finding not one cause of death, they request Pilate to have Him despatched.
29 "Now as they accomplish all that which is written concerning Him, taking Him down from the pole, they place Him in a tomb.
30 Yet God rouses Him from among the dead:
31 Who was seen on more days by those who ascend with Him from Galilee to Jerusalem, who are now His witnesses to the people.
32 "And we are bringing to you the evangel which comes to be a promise to the fathers,
33 that God has fully fulfilled this for our children in raising Jesus, as it is written in the second psalm also, 'My Son art Thou; I, today, have begotten Thee.'
34 Now, seeing that He raises Him from among the dead, by no means longer about to return to decay, He has thus declared that, I shall be giving you the faithful benignities of David.'
35 Wherefore, in a different place also, He is saying, 'Thou wilt not be giving Thy Benign One to be acquainted with decay.'
36 For David, indeed, subserving his own generation by God's counsel, was put to repose, and was added to his fathers, and was acquainted with decay;
37 yet He Whom God rouses was not acquainted with decay.
38 "Let it then be known to you, men, brethren that through this One is being announced to you the pardon of sins,
39 and from all from which you could not be justified in the law of Moses, in this One everyone who is believing is being justified.
40 "Beware then, that that which has been declared in the prophets may not be coming on you:
41 Perceive, you despisers, and marvel, and disappear! for a work am I working in your days -- a work which you should by no means be believing if anyone should be detailing it to you."
42 Now, at their being out, they entreated that these declarations be spoken to them on the intervening sabbath.
43 Now the synagogue having broken up, many of the Jews and the reverent proselytes follow Paul and Barnabas, who, speaking to them, persuaded them to remain in the grace of God.
44 Now on the coming sabbath almost the entire city was gathered to hear the word of the Lord.
45 Yet the Jews, perceiving the throngs, are filled with jealousy, and they contradicted the things spoken by Paul, blaspheming.
46 Being bold, both Paul and Barnabas, say, "To you first was it necessary that the word of God be spoken. Yet, since, in fact, you are thrusting it away, and are judging yourselves not worthy of eonian life, lo! we are turning to the nations.
47 For thus the Lord has directed us: I have appointed Thee for a light of the nations; for Thee to be for salvation as far as the limits of the earth.'"
48 Now on hearing this, the nations rejoiced and glorified the word of the Lord, and they believe, whoever were set for life eonian.
49 Now the word of the Lord was carried through the whole country.
50 Yet the Jews spur on the reverent, respectable women, and the foremost ones of the city, and rouse up persecution for Paul and Barnabas, and they ejected them from their boundaries.
51 Now they, shaking the dust off their feet against them, came to Iconium.
52 And the disciples were filled with joy and holy spirit.

Chapter 14
1 Now in Iconium the same thing occurred at their entering into the synagogue of the Jews and speaking, so that a vast multitude of both Jews and Greeks believe.
2 Yet the stubborn Jews rouse up and provoke the souls of the nations against the brethren.
3 They, indeed, then, tarry a considerable time, speaking boldly in the Lord, Who is testifying to the word of His grace, granting signs and miracles to occur through their hands.
4 Now the multitude of the city is rent; these, indeed, were with the Jews, yet those with the apostles.
5 Now as there came to be an onset both of the nations and the Jews, together with their chiefs, to outrage and pelt them with stones,
6 being conscious of it, they fled for refuge into the cities of Lycaonia: Lystra and Derbe, and the country about.
7 And there they were bringing the evangel.
8 And a certain man in Lystra, impotent in the feet, sat there, lame from his mother's womb, who never walks.
9 This one hears Paul speaking, who, looking intently at him, and perceiving that he has faith to be saved,
10 said with a loud voice, "Rise upright on your feet!" And he leaps, and walked.
11 Besides, the throngs, perceiving what Paul does, lift up their voice in Lycaonian saying, "The gods, made like men, descended to us!"
12 Besides, they called Barnabas Zeus, yet Paul, Hermes, since, in fact, he was the leading speaker.
13 Besides, the priest of the Zeus which is before the city, bringing bulls and garlands to the portals, wanted to sacrifice together with the throngs.
14 Now, on hearing this, the apostles Barnabas and Paul, tearing their garments, spring out into the throng, crying
15 and saying, "Men! Why are you doing these things? We also are men, of like emotions as you, bringing the evangel to you to turn you back from these vain things to the living God, Who makes heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them,
16 Who, in bygone generations, leaves all the nations to go their ways,
17 although He leaves Himself not without the testimony of good acts, giving showers from heaven and fruitbearing seasons, filling our hearts with nourishment and gladness."
18 And, saying these things, they hardly stop the throngs, so as not to be sacrificing to them.
19 Yet Jews from Antioch and Iconium come on, and, persuading the throngs, and stoning Paul, they dragged him outside of the city, inferring that he is dead.
20 Yet, when the disciples surround him, rising, he entered into the city. And on the morrow he came out with Barnabas to Derbe.
21 Evangelizing that city besides, and making a considerable number of disciples, they return into Lystra and into Iconium and into Antioch,
22 establishing the souls of the disciples, besides entreating them to remain in the faith and saying that, "Through many afflictions must we be entering into the kingdom of God."
23 Now, selecting elders for them according to the ecclesia, praying with fastings, they committed them to the Lord in Whom they had believed.
24 And passing through into Pisidia, they came to Pamphylia.
25 And, speaking the word of the Lord in Perga, they descended to Attalia,
26 and thence they sail away to Antioch, whence they were given over to the grace of God for the work which they fulfill.
27 Now coming along and gathering the ecclesia, they informed them of whatever God does with them, and that He opens to the nations a door of faith.
28 Now they tarried no brief time with the disciples.

Chapter 15
1 And some, coming down from Judea, taught the brethren that, "If you should not be circumcised after the custom of Moses, you can not be saved."
2 Now as Paul and Barnabas come to have no slight commotion and questioning with them, they prescribe that Paul and Barnabas and some others from among them are to go up to the apostles and elders in Jerusalem concerning this question.
3 They indeed, then, being sent forward by the ecclesia, passed through Phoenicia as well as Samaria, detailing the turning about of the nations. And they caused great joy to all the brethren.
4 Now coming along into Jerusalem, they were received by the ecclesia and the apostles and the elders. Besides, they inform them of whatever God does with them.
5 Yet some from the sect of the Pharisees who have believed rise up, saying that they must be circumcised, besides charging them to keep the law of Moses.
6 Now the apostles and the elders were gathered to see about this matter.
7 Now, there coming to be much questioning, rising, Peter said to them, "Men! Brethren! You are versed in the fact that from the days at the beginning God chooses among you, that through my mouth the nations are to hear the word of the evangel and believe.
8 And God, the Knower of hearts, testifies to them, giving the holy spirit according as to us also,
9 and in nothing discriminates between us and them, cleansing their hearts by faith.
10 Why, then, are you now trying God, by placing a yoke on the neck of the disciples which neither our fathers nor we are strong enough to bear?
11 But through the grace of the Lord Jesus we are believing, to be saved in a manner even as they."
12 Now the entire multitude hushes, and they heard Barnabas and Paul unfolding whatever signs and miracles God does among the nations through them.
13 Now after they hush, James answered saying, "Men! Brethren! Hear me!
14 Simeon unfolds how God first visits the nations, to obtain out of them a people for His name.
15 And with this agree the words of the prophets, according as it is written,
16 After these things I will turn back, 'And I will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen... And its overturned structure will I rebuild, And I will re-erect it...
17 So that those left of mankind should be seeking out the Lord, And all the nations, on them over whom My name is invoked, Is saying the Lord, Who is doing these things.'
18 Known from the eon to the Lord is His work.
19 "Wherefore I decide not to be harassing those from the nations who are turning back to God,
20 but to write an epistle to them to be abstaining from ceremonial pollution with idols, and prostitution, and what is strangled, and blood.
21 For Moses, from ancient generations, city by city, has those who are heralding him, being read on every sabbath in the synagogues."
22 Then it seems good to the apostles and the elders, together with the whole ecclesia, choosing men from among them, to send to Antioch, together with Paul and Barnabas, Judas, called Bar-Sabbas, and Silas, leading men from among the brethren.
23 writing through their hand as follows: "The apostles and the elders and the brethren, to the brethren at Antioch and Syria and Cilicia, out of the nations: Rejoice!
24 "Since, in fact, we hear that some coming out from us disturb you with words, dismantling your souls, whom we gave no assignment,
25 it seems good to us, in coming to be of one accord, choosing men, to send them to you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul,
26 men who give up their souls for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
27 We have, then, commissioned Judas and Silas, and they are reporting the same by word.
28 For it seems good to the holy spirit and to us in nothing to be placing one more burden on you save these essentials:
29 to be abstaining from idol sacrifices, and blood, and what is strangled and prostitution; from which, carefully keeping yourselves, you will be well engaged. Farewell!"
30 They indeed, then, being dismissed, came down to Antioch, and gathering the multitude, hand them the epistle.
31 Now, reading it, they rejoiced at the consolation.
32 Both Judas and Silas, they also being prophets, by many a word entreat and establish the brethren.
33 Now, after spending some time, they were dismissed with peace from the brethren to those who commission them.
34 (no verse 34)
35 Yet Paul and Barnabas tarried in Antioch, teaching and bringing the evangel of the word of the Lord, with many others also.
36 Now, after some days, Paul said to Barnabas, "By all means, turning back, we should be visiting the brethren at every city in which we announce the word of the Lord,
37 to see how they are faring." Now Barnabas intended to take along with them John also, who is called Mark.
38 Yet Paul counted the man who withdraws from them from Pamphylia and comes not with them to the work -- this man not worthy to take along.
39 Now they become so incensed as to recoil from one another. Besides, Barnabas, taking Mark along, sails off to Cyprus.
40 Now Paul, singling out Silas, came away, being given over to the grace of the Lord by the brethren.
41 Now he passed through Syria and Cilicia, establishing the ecclesias.

Chapter 16
1 Now he arrives also at Derbe and at Lystra. And lo! a certain disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a believing Jewish woman, yet of a Greek father,
2 who was attested by the brethren in Lystra and Iconium.
3 This one Paul wants to come out with him, and, taking him, circumcised him because of the Jews who are in those places, for they all were aware that his father belonged to the Greeks.
4 Now, as they went through the cities, they give over to them the decrees to maintain, which have been decided upon by the apostles and elders who are in Jerusalem.
5 The ecclesias, indeed, then, were stable in the faith and superabounded in number day by day.
6 Now they passed through Phrygia and the Galatian province, being forbidden by the holy spirit to speak the word in the province of Asia.
7 Yet, coming about Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, and the spirit of Jesus does not let them.
8 Yet they, passing by Mysia, descended into Troas.
9 And during the night a vision was seen by Paul. A certain man, a Macedonian, was standing and entreating him, and saying, "Cross over into Macedonia! Help us!"
10 Now as he perceived the vision, we immediately seek to come out to Macedonia, deducing that God has called us to bring the evangel to them.
11 Now, setting out from Troas, we run straight to Samothrace, yet the ensuing day to Neapolis,
12 and thence to Philippi, which is the foremost city of that part of Macedonia, a colony.
13 Now we were in this city, tarrying some days. Besides, on the day of the sabbaths we came outside of the gate beside a river, where we inferred there is prayer, and, being seated, we spoke to the women who are coming together.
14 And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple of the city of Thyatira, revering God, heard, whose heart the Lord opens up to heed what is spoken by Paul.
15 Now as she is baptized, she and her household, she entreats, saying, "If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, enter into my house and remain." And she urges us.
16 Now it occurred, at our going to prayer, a certain maid, having a python spirit, meets us, who afforded a vast income to her masters, divining.
17 She, following after Paul and us, cried, saying, "These men are slaves of God most high, who are announcing to you a way of salvation!"
18 Now this she did on many days. Now Paul, being exasperated and turning about, said to the spirit, "I am charging you, in the name of Jesus Christ, to be coming out from her!" And it came out the same hour.
19 Now her masters, perceiving that the expectation of their income was come out, getting hold of Paul and Silas, draw them into the market to the magistrates,
20 and, leading them to the officers, say, "These men are confounding our city. Belonging to the Jews, they are
21 also announcing customs which it is not allowed us to assent to, nor to do, being Romans."
22 And the throng assailed them, and the officers, tearing off their garments, ordered them to be flogged with rods.
23 Besides, placing on them many blows, they cast them into jail, charging the warden to keep them securely,
24 who, getting such a charge, casts them into the interior jail, and secures their feet in the stocks.
25 Now at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and sang hymns to God. Now the prisoners listened to them.
26 Now suddenly a great quake occurred, so that the foundations of the prison are shaken. Now instantly all the doors were opened, and the bonds of all were slacked.
27 Now the warden, coming out of his sleep, and perceiving the doors of the jail open, pulling his sword, was about to despatch himself, inferring that the prisoners have escaped.
28 Yet Paul shouts with a loud voice, saying, "You should commit nothing evil to yourself, for we are all in this place."
29 Now, requesting lights, he springs in, and, coming to be in a tremor, prostrates to Paul and Silas,
30 and, preceding them out, averred, "Masters, what must I be doing that I may be saved?"
31 Now they say, "Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved, you and your household."
32 And they speak to him the word of the Lord, together with all those in his house.
33 And, taking them aside, in that hour of the night he bathes off their blows, and is baptized, he and all his family, instantly.
34 Besides, leading them up into his house, he sets a table before them, and exults with all his household, having believed God.
35 Now, day coming on, the officers dispatch the constables, saying "Release those men."
36 Now the warden reports these words to Paul, that "The officers have dispatched that you may be released. Then, coming out now, go in peace."
37 Yet Paul averred to them, "Lashing us in public, uncondemned, men belonging to the Romans, they cast us into jail, and now they are ejecting us surreptitiously! No! But let them come themselves and lead us out!"
38 Now the constables report these declarations to the officers. Now they were afraid, hearing that they are Romans.
39 And, coming, they entreat them, and, leading them out, asked them to come away from the city.
40 Now, coming out from the jail, they came in to Lydia, and, seeing the brethren, they console them and came away.

Chapter 17
1 Now, traversing Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where there was a synagogue of the Jews.
2 Now, as was Paul's custom, he entered to them, and on three sabbaths he argues with them from the scriptures,
3 opening up and placing before them that the Christ must suffer and rise from among the dead, and that "This One is the Christ -- the Jesus Whom I am announcing to you."
4 And some of them are persuaded, and were allotted to Paul and Silas, both a vast multitude of the reverent Greeks, and of the foremost women not a few.
5 Now the Jews, being jealous and taking to themselves some wicked men of the loafers and making up a mob, made a tumult in the city, and, standing by the house of Jason, they sought to lead them before the populace.
6 Now, not finding them, they dragged Jason and some brethren to the city magistrates, imploring that "Those who raise the inhabited earth to insurrection, these are present in this place also,
7 whom Jason has entertained. And all these are committing things contravening the decrees of Caesar, saying there is a different king, Jesus."
8 Now they disturb the throng and the city magistrates on hearing these things.
9 And obtaining bail from Jason and the rest, they release them.
10 Now the brethren immediately send out both Paul and Silas by night into Berea, who are away, coming along into the synagogue of the Jews.
11 Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, who receive the word with all eagerness, examining the scriptures day by day, to see if these have it thus.
12 Many of them, indeed, then, believe, and of the respectable Greek women and men not a few.
13 Now as the Jews from Thessalonica know that in Berea also the word of God was announced by Paul, they came there also, agitating and disturbing the throngs.
14 Now immediately, then, Paul was sent away by the brethren to go as far as the sea. Besides, both Silas and Timothy remain behind there.
15 Now those who are conducting Paul led him as far as Athens, and, obtaining a direction to Silas and Timothy that they may be coming most quickly to him, they are off.
16 Now, while Paul was waiting for them in Athens, his spirit was incited in him at beholding the city being idol-ridden.
17 Indeed, then, he argued in the synagogue with the Jews and with the reverent, and in the market on every day with those happening along.
18 Now some of the Epicurean as well as Stoic philosophers parleyed with him, and some said, "Whatever may this rook be wanting to say?" Yet others, "He seems to be an announcer of strange demons," seeing that he brought them the evangel of Jesus and the resurrection.
19 Besides, getting hold of him, they led him to the Areopagus, saying, "Can we know what this new teaching is, which is spoken of by you?
20 For strange is what you are bringing to our hearing. We are resolved, then, to know what this is wanting to be."
21 Now all the Athenians, and the repatriated guests, had opportunity for nothing different than to be saying something or hearing something newer.
22 Now Paul, standing in the center of the Areopagus averred, "Men! Athenians! On all sides am I beholding how unusually religious you are.
23 For, passing through and contemplating the objects of your veneration, I found a pedestal also, on which had been inscribed, 'To an Unknowable God.' To Whom then, you are ignorantly devout, This One am I announcing to you.
24 The God Who makes the world and all that is in it, He, the Lord inherent of heaven and earth, is not dwelling in temples made by hands,
25 neither is He attended by human hands, as if requiring anything, since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all.
26 Besides, He makes out of one every nation of mankind, to be dwelling on all the surface of the earth, specifying the setting of the seasons and the bounds of their dwelling, for them to be seeking God, if, consequently,
27 they may surely grope for Him and may be finding Him, though to be sure, not far from each one of us is He inherent,
28 for in Him we are living and moving and are, as some poets of yours also have declared, 'For of that race also are we.'
29 The race, then, is inherently of God; we ought not to be inferring that the Divine is like gold, or silver, or stone, a sculpture of art and human sentiment.
30 "Indeed, then, condoning the times of ignorance, God is now charging mankind that all everywhere are to repent,
31 forasmuch as He assigns a day in which He is about to be judging the inhabited earth in righteousness by the Man Whom He specifies, tendering faith to all, raising Him from among the dead -- "
32 Now, on hearing of the resurrection of the dead, these, indeed, jeered, yet those say, "We will hear you concerning this again also."
33 Thus Paul came out of their midst.
34 Yet some men, being joined to him, believe, among whom were Dionysius, the Areopagite, also, and a woman named Damaris, and others with them.

Chapter 18
1 After these things, departing from Athens, he came to Corinth.
2 And, finding a certain Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, having recently come from Italy, and Priscilla, his wife (because Claudius prescribed that all the Jews depart from Rome), he came to them,
3 and, because of his being of a like trade, he remained with them and worked, for they were tentmakers by trade.
4 Now he argued in the synagogue on every sabbath and persuaded both Jews and Greeks.
5 Now, as both Silas and Timothy came down from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the word, certifying to the Jews that Jesus is the Christ.
6 Now at their resisting and blaspheming, shaking out his garments, he said to them, "Your blood be on your head! Clear am I! From now on I shall go to the nations."
7 And, proceeding thence, he entered the house of a certain one named Titus Justus, who is revering God, whose house was adjacent to the synagogue.
8 Now Crispus, the chief of the synagogue, believes the Lord, together with his whole household. And many of the Corinthians, hearing, believed and were baptized.
9 Now the Lord said to Paul, in the night, through a vision, "Fear not! but be speaking; and you should not be silent,
10 because I am with you, and no one shall place hands on you to illtreat you, because there are many people of Mine in this city."
11 Now he is seated one year and six months, teaching the word of God among them.
12 Now, Gallio being proconsul of Achaia, the Jews with one accord assaulted Paul, and they led him to the dais,
13 saying that, "Aside from the law, is this man inducing men to revere God."
14 Now Paul being about to open his mouth, Gallio said to the Jews, "If, indeed, it were some injury or wicked knavery, O Jews, I might, on that account tolerate you.
15 Yet if they are questions concerning a word, and names, and a law of yours, you see to it! A judge of these I am not intending to be!"
16 And he drives them away from the dais.
17 Yet they all, getting hold of Sosthenes, the chief of the synagogue, beat him in front of the dais. And Gallio cared for none of these things.
18 Now Paul, remaining still a considerable number of days with the brethren, taking leave, sailed off to Syria, and with him Priscilla and Aquila; having shorn his head in Cenchrea, for he had a vow.
19 Now they arrive at Ephesus and he left them there. Yet he, entering the synagogue, argues with the Jews.
20 Yet at their asking him to stay on more time, he does not consent,
21 but, taking leave and saying, "I shall come back again to you, God willing," he set out from Ephesus.
22 And, coming down into Caesarea, going up and greeting the ecclesia, he descended to Antioch.
23 And, spending some time, he came away, passing consecutively through the Galatian province and Phrygia, establishing all the disciples.
24 Now a certain Jew named Apollos, a native Alexandrian, a scholarly man, arrives at Ephesus, being able in the scriptures.
25 He was instructed in the way of the Lord, and fervent in spirit. He spoke and taught accurately what concerns Jesus, being versed only in the baptism of John.
26 Besides, he begins to speak boldly in the synagogue. Now, hearing him, Priscilla and Aquila took him to themselves and expounded the way of God to him more accurately.
27 Now, at his intending to pass through into Achaia, the brethren, promoting it, write to the disciples to welcome him, who, coming along, parleyed much with those who have believed through grace,
28 for he strenuously and thoroughly confuted the Jews in public, exhibiting through the scriptures that Jesus is the Christ.

Chapter 19
1 Now it occurred while Apollos is in Corinth, Paul, passing through the upper parts, comes down to Ephesus and, finding some disciples,
2 said to them, "Did you obtain holy spirit on believing?" Yet they to him, "Nay, neither hear we if there is holy spirit."
3 Yet he said, "Into what, then, are you baptized?" Yet they say "Into John's baptism."
4 Yet Paul said, "John baptizes with the baptism of repentance, telling the people that in the One coming after him they should be believing, that is, in Jesus."
5 Now, hearing this, they are baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.
6 And at the placing of Paul's hands on them, the holy spirit came on them. Besides, they spoke languages and prophesied.
7 Now there were, in all, about twelve men.
8 Now, entering the synagogue, he spoke boldly for three months, arguing and persuading as to that which concerns the kingdom of God.
9 Now, as some were hardened and stubborn, saying evil things of the way before the multitude, withdrawing from them, he severs the disciples, arguing day by day in the school of Tyrannus.
10 Now this occurred for two years, so that all those dwelling in the province of Asia hear the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.
11 Besides, powerful deeds, not the casual kind, God did through the hands of Paul,
12 so the handkerchiefs or aprons from his cuticle are carried away to the infirm also, to clear the diseases from them. Besides, wicked spirits go out.
13 Now some of the wandering Jews also, exorcists, take in hand to name the name of the Lord Jesus over those having wicked spirits, saying, "I am adjuring you by the Jesus Whom Paul is heralding!"
14 Now there were some seven sons of Sceva, a Jew, a chief priest, doing this.
15 Yet answering, the wicked spirit said to them, "Jesus, indeed, I know, and in Paul am I versed, yet who are you?"
16 And leaping on them, the man in whom the wicked spirit was, getting the mastery of both, is too strong for them, so that, naked and wounded, they are escaping out of that house.
17 Now this became known to all, both Jews and Greeks, who are dwelling in Ephesus. And fear falls on them all, and magnified was the name of the Lord Jesus.
18 Besides, many who have believed came, confessing and informing them of their practices.
19 Now a considerable number of those practicing the meddling arts, carrying together the scrolls, burned them up in sight of all. And they compute their value and found it to be fifty thousand pieces of silver.
20 Thus mightily the word of the Lord grows and was strong.
21 Now as these things were fulfilled, Paul pondered in spirit, passing through Macedonia and Achaia, to go to Jerusalem, saying that, "After my coming to be there I must see Rome also."
22 Now dispatching to Macedonia two of those serving him, Timothy and Erastus, he attended, for the time, to the province of Asia.
23 Now at that season no slight disturbance occurred concerning the way;
24 for a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, making silver temples of Artemis, afforded no slight income to the artificers,
25 whom convening together, as also the workers about such things, he said, "Men! You are versed in the fact that by this vocation we thrive,
26 and you are beholding and hearing that, not only of Ephesus, but of almost the entire province of Asia, this Paul by his persuading causes a considerable throng to stand aloof, saying that they are not gods which are coming into being by means of hands.
27 Now, not only is this endangering our party, by it coming to be confuted, but the sanctuary of the great goddess Artemis also is being thereby reckoned nothing. Besides, her magnificence is about to be pulled down also, whom the whole province of Asia and the inhabited earth is revering."
28 Now, hearing this and becoming full of fury, they cried, saying, "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!"
29 And filled is the city with confusion. Besides, they rush with one accord into the theater, gripping Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians, fellow travelers of Paul.
30 (Now, at Paul's intending to enter in to the populace, the disciples did not let him.
31 Yet some of the chiefs of the province of Asia also, being his friends, sending to him, entreated him not to venture into the theater himself.)
32 Others, indeed, then, cried some other thing, for the ecclesia was in confusion, and the majority were not aware on what account they had come together.
33 Now they unite on Alexander, one of the throng, the Jews pushing him forward. Now Alexander, gesturing with his hand, wanted to make a defense to the populace.
34 Yet, on recognizing that he is a Jew, one voice came from all for about two hours, crying, "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians! Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!"
35 Now, composing the throng, the scribe is averring, "Men! Ephesians!" What man is there who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is sexton of the temple of the great Artemis and of that which fell from Zeus?
36 These things, then, not being gainsaid, you must possess composure and no one commit anything rash.
37 For you led these men, who are neither despoilers of the sanctuary, nor blasphemers of our goddess.
38 Indeed, then, if Demetrius and the artificers with him have a charge against anyone, court sessions are being held, and there are proconsuls; let them be indicting one another.
39 Now if you are seeking for anything concerning other things, in the legal ecclesia will it be explained.
40 For we are also in danger of being indicted concerning today's commotion, there inhering not one cause concerning which we shall be able to render any account concerning this riot."
41 And, saying these things, he dismisses the ecclesia.

Chapter 20
1 Now after the tumult ceased, Paul, sending after the disciples and consoling and saluting them, came away to go into Macedonia.
2 Now, passing through those parts and entreating them with many a word, he came into Greece.
3 Besides, spending three months, at there coming to be a plot against him by the Jews, being about to set out for Syria, he came to be of the opinion that he would return through Macedonia.
4 Now it was arranged for him to be met, as far away as the province of Asia, by Sopater Pyrrhus, a Berean. Yet of the Thessalonians, Aristarchus and Secundus, and Gaius the Derbian, and Timothy, yet of the province of Asia, Tychicus and Trophimus.
5 Now these, coming before, remained for us in Troas.
6 Yet we sail off from Philippi after the days of unleavened bread, and came to them in Troas in five days, where we tarry seven days.
7 Now on one of the sabbaths, at our having gathered to break bread, Paul argued with them, being about to be off on the morrow. Besides, he prolonged the word unto midnight.
8 Now there were a considerable number of torches in the upper chamber where we were gathered.
9 Now a certain young man named Eutychus, being seated on the window, sinking into a deep sleep while Paul is arguing still more, being sunk from sleep, falls down from the third story, and was picked up dead.
10 Now Paul, descending, falls on him, and, embracing him, said, "Make no tumult, for his soul is in him."
11 Now, going up and breaking bread and tasting, besides conversing a considerable time until daybreak, thus he came away.
12 Now they led the boy alive, and were not measurably consoled.
13 Now we, coming before to the ship, set out for Assos, thence being about to take up Paul, for thus it has been prescribed, he being about to go on foot.
14 Now as he came up with us in Assos, taking him up, we came to Mitylene.
15 And sailing from thence, the ensuing day we arrive abreast of Chios, yet on another we put in at Samos, yet the next we came to Miletus,
16 for Paul had decided to sail by Ephesus, so that he may not be coming to linger in the province of Asia, for he hurried, if it may be possible for him to be in Jerusalem by the day of Pentecost.
17 Now from Miletus, sending to Ephesus, he calls for the elders of the ecclesia.
18 Now as they came along to him, he said to them, "You are versed in the facts, from the first day on which I stepped into the province of Asia, how I came to be with you all the time,
19 slaving for the Lord with all humility and tears, and the trials which befell me by the plots of the Jews;
20 how under no circumstances did I shrink from informing you of anything which was expedient, and teaching you in public and at your homes,
21 certifying to both Jews and to Greeks repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.
22 "And now, lo! I, bound in spirit, am going to Jerusalem, not being aware what I will meet with in it,
23 more than that the holy spirit, city by city, certifies to me, saying that bonds and afflictions are remaining for me.
24 But of nothing have I a word, nor yet am I making my soul precious to myself, till I should be perfecting my career and the dispensation which I got from the Lord Jesus, to certify the evangel of the grace of God.
25 "And now, lo! I am aware that you all, among whom I passed through heralding the kingdom, shall be seeing my face no longer.
26 Wherefore I am attesting to you in this very day that I am clear from the blood of all,
27 for under no circumstances do I shrink from informing you of the entire counsel of God.
28 "Take heed to yourselves and to the entire flocklet, among which the holy spirit appointed you supervisors, to be shepherding the ecclesia of God, which He procures through the blood of His Own.
29 Now I am aware that, after I am out of reach, burdensome wolves will be entering among you, not sparing the flocklet.
30 And from among yourselves will arise men, speaking perverse things to pull away disciples after themselves.
31 Wherefore watch, remembering that for three years, night and day, I cease not admonishing each one with tears.
32 And now I am committing you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to edify and give the enjoyment of an allotment among all who have been hallowed.
33 "I covet no one's silver or gold or vesture.
34 You know that these hands subserve my needs, and of those who are with me.
35 All I intimate to you, that, thus toiling, you must be supporting the infirm. Besides, remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, 'Happy is it to give rather than to get.'"
36 And, saying these things, at his kneeling together with them all, he prays.
37 Now there came to be considerable lamentation by all, and falling on Paul's neck, they kissed him fondly,
38 being pained especially at the word which he had declared, that no longer are they about to behold his face. Yet they sent him forward into the ship.

Chapter 21
1 Now as we came to set out, being pulled away from them, running straight, we came to Coos, yet the next day to Rhodes, and thence to Patara.
2 And finding a ship ferrying to Phoenicia, stepping on board, we set out.
3 Now, Cyprus looming up, and leaving it on the left, we sailed to Syria, and came down to Tyre, for there the ship was unloading the cargo.
4 Now, finding the disciples, we stay there seven days, who said to Paul, through the spirit, not to be stepping on board to Jerusalem.
5 Now, when the days came to fit us out, coming away, we went, all sending us forward, together with the wives and children, till outside of the city. And kneeling on the beach, praying,
6 we pull away from one another, and stepped into the ship. Yet they return to their own.
7 Now we, terminating the voyage, from Tyre descended to Ptolemais, and, greeting the brethren, we remain one day with them.
8 Now, on the morrow, coming away, we came to Caesarea, and, entering into the house of Philip the evangelist, who is of the seven, we remain with him.
9 Now there were four daughters of this man, virgins, prophesying.
10 Now at our staying on more days, a certain prophet came down from Judea, named Agabus.
11 And coming to us and picking up Paul's girdle, binding his own feet and hands, he said, "Now this the holy spirit is saying, 'The man whose girdle this is, shall the Jews in Jerusalem be binding thus, and they shall be giving him over into the hands of the nations.'"
12 Now as we hear these things, both we and those in the place entreated him not to go up to Jerusalem.
13 Then Paul answered and said, "What are you doing, lamenting and unnerving my heart? For I hold myself in readiness, not only to be bound, but to die also in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus."
14 Now, as he was not persuaded, we are quiet, saying, "Let the will of the Lord be done!"
15 Now after these days, taking up our baggage, we went up into Jerusalem.
16 Now disciples from Caesarea, also, came together with us, leading us to Mnason, a certain Cyprian, a disciple from the beginning, with whom we should lodge.
17 Now at our coming to be in Jerusalem, the brethren welcome us with gratification.
18 Now by the ensuing day, Paul had been in, together with us, to James. Besides, all the elders came along.
19 And, greeting them, he unfolded, one by one, each of the things which God does among the nations through his dispensation.
20 Now those who hear glorified God. Besides, they said to him, "You are beholding, brother, how many tens of thousands there are among the Jews who have believed, and all are inherently zealous for the law?
21 Now they were instructed concerning you that you teach all the Jews among the nations apostasy from Moses, telling them not to be circumcising their children, nor yet to be walking in the customs.
22 What is it, then? Undoubtedly a multitude must come together, for they will hear that you have come.
23 This, then, which we are saying to you, do. With us are four men having a vow on them.
24 Taking these along, be purified together with them, and bear their expenses, that they should be shaving their heads, and all will know that what they have been instructed concerning you is nothing, but you also are observing the elements and you yourself are maintaining the law.
25 Now concerning those of the nations who have believed, we write an epistle, deciding they are to guard themselves from idol sacrifice, besides from blood also, and what is strangled, and from prostitution."
26 Then Paul, taking the men along on the next day, being purified together with them, had been in the sanctuary, publishing the full completion of the days of purification, till the approach present for each one of them was offered.
27 Now as the seven days were about to be concluding, Jews from the province of Asia, gazing at him in the sanctuary, threw the entire throng into confusion, and laid hands on him,
28 crying, "Men! Israelites! Help! This is the man who is teaching all men everywhere against the people, and the law, and this holy place. Besides, still more, he led Greeks also into the sanctuary, and has contaminated this holy place."
29 For, before this, Trophimus the Ephesian was seen in the city with him, whom they inferred that Paul led into the sanctuary.
30 Besides, stirred was the whole city, and there came to be a running together of the people. And getting hold of Paul, they drew him outside of the sanctuary, and immediately the doors are locked.
31 And while they are seeking to kill him, the allegation came up to the captain of the squadron that the whole of Jerusalem is in confusion,
32 who, taking along soldiers and centurions, forthwith ran down to them. Now they, perceiving the captain and the soldiers, cease beating Paul.
33 Then the captain, drawing near, got hold of him, and orders him to be bound with two chains. And he ascertained who he may be and what he has done.
34 Now they retorted in the throng, some this, others some other thing. Now, at his not being able to know for certain because of the tumult, he orders him to be led into the citadel.
35 Now when he came on the stairs, it befell that he was borne by the soldiers because of the violence of the throng,
36 for the multitude of the people followed, crying "Away with him!"
37 Besides, being about to be led into the citadel, Paul is saying to the captain, "Is it allowed me to say anything to you?" Yet he averred, "Greek you know,
38 consequently you are not the Egyptian who, before these days, raises an insurrection and leads out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins."
39 Yet Paul said, "I, indeed, am a Jewish man, a Tarsian of Cilicia, a citizen of no insignificant city. Now I beseech you, permit me to speak to the people."
40 Now at his permitting it, Paul, standing on the stairs, gestures with his hand to the people. Now as there comes to be a vast hush, he shouts to them in the Hebrew vernacular, saying,

Chapter 22
1 "Men! Brethren and fathers! Hear my defense to you now!"
2 Now hearing that he shouted to them in the Hebrew vernacular, they tendered more quietness, and he is averring,
3 "I am a man, a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, yet reared in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, trained according to the strictness of the hereditary law, being inherently zealous for God according as all of you are today,
4 I, who persecute this way to death, binding and giving over both men and women to jail,
5 as the chief priest also was testifying to me, and the entire eldership, from whom, receiving letters also to the brethren, I went into Damascus, to be leading also those being there, bound, to Jerusalem, that they may be punished.
6 "Now it occurred, at my going and drawing near to Damascus, about midday, suddenly out of heaven a considerable light flashes about me.
7 Besides, I fall flat, and I hear a voice saying to me, 'Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting Me?'
8 Yet I answered and said, 'Who art Thou, Lord?' Besides, He said to me, 'I am Jesus, the Nazarene, Whom you are persecuting.'
9 Now those who are with me gaze, indeed, at the light, yet they hear not the voice of Him Who is speaking to me.
10 Now I said, 'What shall I be doing, Lord?' Now the Lord said to me, 'Rise. Go into Damascus, and there you will be spoken to concerning all which has been set for you to do.'
11 "Now, as I observed nothing for the glory of that light, being led by the hand by those who are with me, I came into Damascus.
12 Now a certain Ananias, a pious man according to the law, being attested by all the Jews dwelling there,
13 coming to me and standing by, said to me, 'Saul! Brother! Receive your sight!' And I, in the same hour, look up to him.
14 Now he said. 'The God of our fathers fixes upon you beforehand to know His will, and to be acquainted with the Just One, and to hear the voice of His mouth,
15 that you shall be His witness to all men of what you have seen and hear.
16 And now, why do you defer? Rise, be baptized, and bathe off your sins, invoking His name.'
17 "Now it occurred, at my returning to Jerusalem and while I am praying in the sanctuary, I come to be in an ecstasy
18 and to perceive Him saying to me, 'Hurry, and come quickly out of Jerusalem, because they will not be assenting to your testimony concerning Me.'
19 And I said, 'Lord, they are versed in the fact that I was jailing and lashing those at the synagogues who are believing on Thee.
20 And when the blood of Stephen, Thy witness, was shed, I myself also was standing by, endorsing it, as well as guarding the garments of those who are assassinating him.'
21 And He said to me, 'Go! For I shall be delegating you afar to the nations.'"
22 Now they heard him until this word, and they lift up their voice, saying, "Away from the earth with such a one, for it is not befitting for him to live!"
23 Besides, at their clamoring, and tossing their garments, and casting dust into the air,
24 the captain orders him to be led into the citadel, telling them to interrogate him by scourging, that he may recognize for what cause they retorted thus at him.
25 Now, as they stretch him before them with the thongs, Paul said to the centurion standing by, "Is it allowed you to scourge a Roman man, and uncondemned?"
26 Now, hearing it, the centurion, coming to the captain, reports, saying, "What are you about to be doing? For this man is a Roman."
27 Now, approaching, the captain said to him, "Tell me, are you a Roman?" Now he averred, "Yes."
28 Now the captain answered, "I with a vast sum acquire this citizenship." Yet Paul averred, "Yet I have been so born also."
29 Immediately then, those about to be interrogating him withdraw from him. Now the captain also was afraid, recognizing that he is a Roman and that he was bound by him.
30 Now on the morrow, resolved to know the certainty of that of which he is being accused by the Jews, he looses him and orders the chief priests and the entire Sanhedrin to come together. And, leading Paul down, he stands him among them.

Chapter 23
1 Now looking intently at the Sanhedrin, Paul said, "Men! Brethren! I, in all good conscience, have used my citizenship for God until this day."
2 Now the chief priest Ananias enjoins those standing beside him to beat his mouth.
3 Then Paul said to him, "God is about to beat you, whitewashed wall! And you are sitting to judge me according to the law, and illegally are you ordering me to be beaten!"
4 Now those standing by say, "The chief priest of God are you reviling!"
5 And Paul averred, "I was not aware, brethren, that he is chief priest. For it is written that, 'Of your people's chief you shall not be declaring evil.'"
6 Now Paul, knowing that the one party is of Sadducees, yet the other of Pharisees, cries in the Sanhedrin, "Men! Brethren! A Pharisee, son of Pharisees am I. Concerning the expectation and resurrection of the dead am I being judged."
7 Now at his saying this, there came to be a commotion of the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the multitude is rent.
8 For Sadducees, indeed, are saying there is no resurrection, nor messenger, nor spirit; yet Pharisees are avowing both.
9 Now a great clamor occurred, and, rising, some of the scribes of the party of the Pharisees fought it out with one another, saying, "Nothing evil are we finding in this man. Now if a spirit or messenger speaks to him -- "
10 Yet, much commotion occurring, being afraid, the captain, so Paul should not be pulled to pieces by them, orders the troop to descend and snatch him out of their midst, besides, to lead him into the citadel.
11 Now the ensuing night, standing by him, the Lord said, "Courage! For as you certify to that which concerns Me in Jerusalem, thus you must testify in Rome also."
12 Now, day coming on, making a conspiracy, the Jews anathematize themselves, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they should kill Paul.
13 Now there were more than forty who make this cabal,
14 who, coming to the chief priests and the elders, say, "With an anathema we anathematize ourselves to taste nothing till we should kill Paul.
15 Now then, you inform the captain together with the Sanhedrin, so that he may be leading him down to you, as being about to investigate more exactly that which concerns him; yet we, before he draws near, are ready to assassinate him."
16 Now the son of Paul's sister, hearing of the ambush, coming along and entering into the citadel, reports it to Paul.
17 Now Paul, calling one of the centurions to him, averred, "Lead this young man away to the captain, for he has something to report to him."
18 He, indeed, then, taking him along, led him to the captain, and is averring, "The prisoner, Paul, calling me to him, asks me to lead this youth to you, who has something to speak to you."
19 Now the captain, taking hold of his hand, and retiring privately, inquired to ascertain, "What is it that you have to report to me?"
20 Now he said that "The Jews agreed to ask you, so that you may lead Paul down tomorrow into the Sanhedrin, as being about to ascertain somewhat more exactly concerning him.
21 You, then, should not be persuaded by them, for there are ambushing for him more than forty of their men, who anathematize themselves neither to eat nor drink till they may be assassinating him. And now they are ready, anticipating the promise from you."
22 Indeed, then, the captain dismisses the youth, charging him, "To no one speak out that you disclose these things to me."
23 And calling a certain two of the centurions to him, he said, "Make ready two hundred soldiers, so that they may go as far as Caesarea, and seventy cavalry, and two hundred slingers, from the third hour of the night.
24 Besides, present beasts that, mounting Paul, they should be bringing him safely through to Felix, the governor."
25 He writes a letter having this model:
26 "Claudius Lysias, to the most mighty governor Felix. Rejoice!
27 This man, being apprehended by the Jews, and being about to be assassinated by them, standing by with the troop, I extricate, learning that he is a Roman.
28 Besides, intending to get to know the charge because of which they indicted him, I led him down into their Sanhedrin.
29 Him I found being indicted concerning questions of their law, yet having nothing deserving death or bonds in the indictment.
30 Now at its being divulged to me that there will be a plot against the man, forthwith I send him to you, charging the accusers also to speak against him before you. Farewell."
31 The soldiers, indeed, then, according to that which has been prescribed to them, taking up Paul, led him through the night to Antipatris.
32 Now on the morrow, they return into the citadel, leaving the cavalry to come away with him,
33 who, entering into Caesarea and giving up the letter to the governor, present Paul also to him.
34 Now, reading it, and inquiring of what prefecture he is, and ascertaining that he is from Cilicia,
35 "I shall give you a hearing," he averred, "whenever your accusers also may be coming along," ordering him to be guarded in Herod's pretorium.

Chapter 24
1 Now after five days, Ananias, the chief priest, descended with some elders and an orator, a certain Tertullus, who inform the governor against Paul.
2 Now at his being called, Tertullus begins to accuse him, saying, "Happening upon much peace through you, and reforms in this nation coming to be through your providence,
3 both in every way and everywhere, we are welcoming it, most mighty Felix, with all thankfulness.
4 Now, lest I may be hindering you still more, I am entreating you to hear us concisely in your leniency.
5 For, finding this man a pestilence and stirrer of insurrections among all the Jews who are on the inhabited earth, besides a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes,
6 who tries to profane the sanctuary also, of whom we lay hold also,
7 (no verse 7)
8 from whom you yourself will, by examining him, be able to recognize all of these things concerning which we are accusing him."
9 Now the Jews also agreed, alleging these things to have been thus.
10 Besides, Paul, the governor nodding to him to speak, answered, "Being versed in the fact that for many years you are a judge in this nation, cheerfully am I defending that which concerns myself,
11 at your being able to recognize that it is not more than twelve days since I went up to worship in Jerusalem.
12 And they neither found me in the sanctuary arguing with anyone, or making a concourse of the throng, nor in the synagogues, nor at the city,
13 nor can they present evidence to you for that concerning which they are now accusing me.
14 "Yet I am avowing this to you, that, according to the way which they are terming a sect, thus am I offering divine service to the hereditary God, believing all that is written, according to the law and in the prophets,
15 having an expectation in God, which these themselves also are anticipating, that there shall be a resurrection which is impending for both the just and the unjust.
16 "In this, I am exerting myself also, to have a conscience which is no stumbling block toward God and men, continually.
17 "Now after the lapse of more years, I came along doing alms for my nation, and bringing approach presents,
18 in which they found me, purified, in the sanctuary, not with a throng, nor with tumult.
19 Now there were some Jews from the province of Asia, on whom it was binding to be present before you and to accuse me, if they may have anything against me.
20 Or let these themselves say what injury they found when I stood in the Sanhedrin,
21 or concerning this one voice with which I cry out, standing among them, that, 'Concerning the resurrection of the dead am I being judged today by you.'"
22 Now Felix made them postpone, being acquainted more exactly with that which concerns the way, saying, "Whenever captain Lysias may come down, I shall investigate your affairs."
23 He prescribes to the centurion that he is to be kept, besides, he is to be having his ease, and to prevent no one of his own to be subservient to him.
24 Now after some days, Felix, coming along with Drusilla, his wife (being a Jewess), sends after Paul and hears him concerning the faith in Christ Jesus.
25 Now as he is arguing concerning righteousness, and self-control, and the impending judgment, Felix, becoming affrighted, answered, "Now go. Yet, given occasion, I shall be calling for you,"
26 at the same time expecting also that money will be given him by Paul. Wherefore, sending after him more frequently also, he conversed with him.
27 Now, two years being fulfilled, Felix got a successor, Porcius Festus. Besides, wanting to curry favor with the Jews, Felix left Paul bound.

Chapter 25
1 Festus, then, stepping into the prefecture, after three days went up to Jerusalem from Caesarea.
2 Besides, the chief priests and the foremost of the Jews inform him against Paul, and they entreated him,
3 requesting a favor against him, so that he should send after him to bring him into Jerusalem, making an ambush to assassinate him by the way.
4 Festus, indeed, then, answered that Paul is to be kept in Caesarea, yet he himself was about to be going out quickly.
5 "Those, then, among you," he is averring, "who are able, step down with me. If there is anything amiss in the man, let them accuse him."
6 Now, tarrying among them not more than eight or ten days, descending to Caesarea, on the morrow, being seated on the dais, he orders Paul to be led forth.
7 Now at his coming along, the Jews who have descended from Jerusalem stand about him, bringing many and heavy charges against him, which they were not strong enough to demonstrate,
8 Paul defending that "Neither against the law of the Jews, nor against the sanctuary, nor against Caesar did I sin."
9 Now Festus, wanting to curry favor with the Jews, answering Paul, said, "Are you willing to go up into Jerusalem to be judged there before me concerning these things?"
10 Yet Paul said, "At the dais of Caesar am I standing, where I must be judged. The Jews in nothing have I injured, as you also are most ideally recognizing.
11 If, indeed, then, I am injuring, and I have committed anything deserving of death, I am not refusing to die. Yet if there is nothing in that of which these are accusing me, no one can surrender me to them as a favor. To Caesar am I appealing!"
12 Then Festus, conferring with the council, answered, "To Caesar have you appealed. To Caesar shall you go!"
13 Now, some days elapsing, Agrippa, the king, and Bernice arrive at Caesarea, greeting Festus.
14 Now as they tarried more days there, Festus submitted Paul's affairs to the king, saying, "There is a certain man, left prisoner by Felix,
15 concerning whom, at my coming to Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews inform, requesting his conviction,
16 to whom I answered that it is not the custom for Romans to surrender as a favor any man ere the accused may have the accusers face to face, besides getting a defensive position concerning the indictment.
17 "At their coming together in this place, then, making not one postponement, the next day, being seated on the dais, I order the man to be led forth,
18 concerning whom the accusers, when they stand up, brought not one charge of the wicked things which I suspected,
19 yet they had certain questions concerning their own religion against him, and concerning a certain Jesus, who has died, whom Paul alleged to be alive.
20 Now I, being perplexed by the questioning about these things, asked, if he may be intending to go to Jerusalem and to be judged there concerning these things.
21 Now at Paul's appealing to be kept for the Imperial investigation, I order him to be kept till I send him up to Caesar."
22 Now Agrippa to Festus: "I myself also intended to hear the man." "Tomorrow," he is averring, "you shall hear him."
23 On the morrow, then, at Agrippa and Bernice's coming with much pageantry and entering the audience chamber together, besides captains and prominent men of the city, and at Festus' order, Paul was led forth.
24 And Festus is averring, "King Agrippa, and all men present with us, you are beholding this man concerning whom the entire multitude of the Jews pled with me, both in Jerusalem and in this place, imploring that he must not by any means be living longer.
25 Now I grasped that he has committed nothing deserving of death, yet as he himself appeals to the Imperial judge, I decide to send him --
26 concerning whom I haven't anything certain to write to the lord. Wherefore I led him before you, and especially before you, king Agrippa, so that, the examination occurring, I should have something to write.
27 For it seems to me irrational, sending a prisoner, not also to signify the charges against him."

Chapter 26
1 Now Agrippa averred to Paul, "It is permitted to you to speak concerning yourself." Then Paul, stretching out his hand, made his defense:
2 "Concerning all that which I am being indicted by the Jews, king Agrippa, I have deemed myself happy to be about to make my defense before you today,
3 especially as you are an expert, versed in all, both the customs and questions of the Jews. Wherefore I beseech you to hear me patiently.
4 "My life, indeed, then, from youth, which came to be from the beginning among my nation, besides in Jerusalem, all the Jews are acquainted with,
5 knowing me before, from the very first, if they should be willing to testify, that, according to the strictest sect of this ritual of ours, I live a Pharisee.
6 And now, in expectation of the promise which came by God to our fathers,
7 I stand being judged, to which our twelve-tribed people, earnestly offering divine service night and day, is expecting to attain. Concerning which expectation I am being indicted by Jews, O King!
8 Why is it being judged unbelievable by you, if God is rousing the dead?
9 "I, indeed, then, suppose myself bound to commit much contrary to the name of Jesus the Nazarene, which I do also in Jerusalem.
10 And besides, many of the saints I lock up in jails, obtaining authority from the chief priests. Besides, I deposit a ballot to despatch them.
11 And at all the synagogues, often punishing them, I compelled them to blaspheme. Besides, being exceedingly maddened against them, I persecuted them as far as the outside cities also.
12 Among which persecutions, going to Damascus with the authority and permission of the chief priests,
13 at midday, on the road, I perceived, O king, a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining about me and those going together with me.
14 Besides, at all of us falling down to the earth, I hear a voice saying to me in the Hebrew vernacular, 'Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting Me? Hard is it for you to be kicking against the goads!'
15 Now I say, 'Who art Thou, Lord?' Now the Lord said, 'I am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting.
16 But rise and stand on your feet, for I was seen by you for this, to fix upon you before for a deputy and a witness both of what you have perceived and that in which I will be seen by you,
17 extricating you from the people and from the nations, to whom I am commissioning you,
18 to open their eyes, to turn them about from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, for them to get a pardon of sins and an allotment among those who have been hallowed by faith that is in Me.'
19 "Whence, king Agrippa, I did not become stubborn as to the heavenly apparition,
20 but first to those in Damascus, besides in Jerusalem also, besides to the entire province of Judea, and to the nations, I reported that they are to be repenting and turning back to God, engaging in acts worthy of repentance.
21 "On this account the Jews, apprehending me as I am in the sanctuary, tried to lay hands on me.
22 Happening, then, on assistance from God, until this day I stand attesting both to small and to great, saying nothing outside of what both the prophets and Moses speak of impending occurrences -- if it be the suffering Christ --
23 if He, the first out of a resurrection of the dead, is about to be announcing light both to the people and to the nations."
24 Now, as he is making this defense, Festus is averring with a loud voice, "You are mad, Paul! Much scripture is deranging you to madness!"
25 Yet Paul is averring, "Not mad am I, most mighty Festus, but I am declaiming declarations of truth and sanity.
26 For the king is adept concerning these things, to whom I am speaking boldly also, for, that any of these things is eluding him, I am not persuaded, for this is not a thing that has been committed in a corner.
27 King Agrippa, are you believing the prophets? I am aware that you are believing!"
28 Yet Agrippa to Paul: "Briefly are you persuading me, to make me a Christian!"
29 Yet Paul, "May I ever wish to God, that briefly as well as greatly, not only you, but also all who are hearing me today, become such a kind as I am also, outside of these bonds!"
30 Both the king and the governor rose, besides Bernice and those sitting together with them.
31 And retiring, they spoke with one another, saying that, "Nothing deserving of death or of bonds this man is committing."
32 Now Agrippa averred to Festus, "This man could have been released if he had not appealed to Caesar."

Chapter 27
1 Now, as it was decided that we are to sail away to Italy, they gave over both Paul and some other prisoners to a centurion named Julius, of the Imperial squadron.
2 Now, stepping on board a ship of Adramyttium, about to be sailing for places in the province of Asia, we set out, with us being Aristarchus, a Macedonian of Thessalonica.
3 Now, on another day, we were led down to Sidon. Besides, Julius, using Paul humanely, permits him to go to friends for casual care.
4 And setting out thence, we sail under the lee of Cyprus, because of the winds being contrary.
5 Besides, sailing through the ocean off Cilicia and Pamphylia, we come down to Myra, of Lycia.
6 And there the centurion, finding an Alexandrian ship sailing to Italy, has us step on board of it.
7 Now, for a considerable number of days, sailing tardily and hardly coming off Cnidus, the wind not leaving us toward it, we sail under the lee of Crete, off Salome.
8 Besides, hardly skirting it, we came to a certain place called Ideal Harbors, near which was the city of Lasea.
9 Now, considerable time elapsing, and sailing being already hazardous, because of the Fast also having already passed by, Paul exhorted them,
10 saying, "Men! I behold that sailing is about to be with damage and much forfeit, not only of the lading and of the ship, but of our souls also."
11 Yet the centurion was persuaded by the navigator and the charterer of the ship, rather than by what is being said by Paul.
12 Now, the harbor possessing no fitness for wintering, the majority gave counsel to set out thence, if somehow they may be able to arrive at Phoenix to winter, a harbor of Crete, looking toward the southwest and toward the northwest.
13 Now, the south wind blowing gently, supposing their purpose to hold, weighing anchor, they skirted close along Crete.
14 Now not much after, a wind, a hurricane, called a "northeaster," casts itself against the island.
15 Now the ship being gripped by it, and not being able to luff to the wind, giving her up, we were carried along.
16 Now, running under a certain islet called Cauda, we are hardly strong enough to hold off the skiff,
17 hoisting which, they used stays, undergirding the ship. Besides, fearing lest they should be falling into the Syrtis quicksand, lowering the gear, thus they were carried along.
18 Yet at our being tremendously tossed by the tempest, the next day, they jettisoned,
19 and on the third with their own hands they toss over the ship's gear.
20 Now neither sun nor constellations making their advent for more days, and besides, no slight tempest lying on us, all further expectation of our being saved was taken from us.
21 Besides, there being much inherent abstinence, then Paul, standing in the midst of them, said, "It was binding on you, indeed, O men, yielding to me, not to have set out from Crete, to gain, besides this damage, also the forfeit.
22 And now I am exhorting you to be cheerful, for not one soul from among you will be cast away, more than the ship.
23 For there stood beside me this night a messenger of God, Whose I am, to Whom I am offering divine service also,
24 saying,'Fear not, Paul! Before Caesar you must stand. And lo! graciously has God granted you all those who are sailing with you.'
25 Wherefore, be cheerful, men, for I am believing God that thus it will be even in the manner which has been spoken to me.
26 Yet we must be falling on a certain island."
27 Now as the fourteenth night came, at our cruising about in the Adria, in the middle of the night the mariners suspected some country to be nearing them.
28 And sounding, they found twenty fathoms. Now after a bit of an interval, and sounding again, they found fifteen fathoms.
29 Besides, fearing lest somewhere we should be falling on rough places, pitching four anchors out of the stern, they wished for the coming of day.
30 Now at the mariners seeking to flee out of the ship, and lowering the skiff into the sea under pretense of being about to stretch anchors out of the prow,
31 Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, "If ever these should not be remaining in the ship, you can not be saved."
32 Then the soldiers strike off the ropes of the skiff, and they let her fall off.
33 Now, until the day was about to come, Paul entreated all to partake of nourishment, saying, "Today is the fourteenth day; apprehensive, you are constantly abstinent, taking nothing.
34 Wherefore I am entreating you to partake of nourishment, for this belongs to this salvation of yours, for not a hair from the head of one of you shall perish."
35 Now, saying this, and taking bread, he thanks God in sight of all, and, breaking it, begins to eat.
36 Now, becoming cheerful, they also all took nourishment.
37 Now we were, in all, two hundred seventy six souls in the ship.
38 Now, being sated with nourishment, they buoyed the ship, casting out the grain into the sea.
39 Now when the day came, they did not recognize the land, yet considered a certain gulf, having a beach into which they planned, if they may be able, to thrust the ship.
40 And, taking the anchors from about it, they left them in the sea, at the same time slacking the lashing of the rudders and hoisting the foresail to the breeze, they kept her course for the beach.
41 Now, falling into a place with a channel, they run the craft aground, and the prow, indeed, remains sticking unshakable, yet the stern was broken up by the violence of the billows.
42 Now came the soldiers' counsel that they should kill the prisoners, lest anyone, swimming out, may flee away.
43 Yet the centurion, intending to bring Paul safely through, prevents them from their intention. Besides, he orders those who are able to swim, diving, to be off to the land first,
44 and the rest, these, indeed, on planks, yet those on something from the ship, and thus all came safely through to the land.

Chapter 28
1 And, being safely through, then we recognized that the island is called Melita.
2 Besides, the barbarians tender us not the casual philanthropy, for, kindling a fire, they took us all in, because of the imminent shower and because of the cold.
3 Now at Paul's twisting together a certain quantity of kindling and placing it on the fire, a viper, coming out of the warmth, fastens on his hand.
4 Now, as the barbarians perceived the wild beast hanging from his hand, they said to one another, "Undoubtedly this man is a murderer, whom, being safely through out of the sea, Justice lets not live."
5 He, indeed, then, twitching the wild beast into the fire, suffered nothing evil.
6 Yet they were apprehensive that he is about to become inflamed or suddenly fall down dead. Yet, after much apprehension, and beholding nothing coming to be amiss with him, retracting, they said he is a god.
7 Now in the regions about that place the freeholds belonged to the foremost man of the island, named Publius, who, receiving us, lodges us three days, amiably.
8 Now it occurred that the father of Publius was lying down, pressed with fever and dysentery. Paul, entering to him and praying, placing his hands on him, heals him.
9 Now at this occurring, the rest also of those in the island having infirmities approached and were cured,
10 who honor us with many honors also, and, at our setting out, they placed on board what was for our needs.
11 Now, after three months, we set out in an Alexandrian ship with the ensign Dioscuri, which has wintered in the island.
12 And, landing at Syracuse, we stay three days,
13 whence, tacking about, we arrive at Rhegium, and the south wind coming on after one day, we came the second day to Puteoli,
14 where, finding brethren, we were entreated to stay with them seven days. And thus to Rome we come.
15 And thence the brethren, hearing about us, come to meet us as far as Appii Forum and Three Taverns, perceiving whom, Paul, thanking God, took courage.
16 Now when we entered Rome, Paul was permitted to remain by himself together with the soldier who guarded him.
17 Now it occurred three days after, that he calls together those who are foremost of the Jews. Now, at their coming together, he said to them "I, men, brethren, doing nothing contrary to the people or to the hereditary customs, was given up a prisoner out of Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans,
18 who, examining me, intended to release me, because not one cause of death existed in me.
19 Now at the contradicting of the Jews, I am compelled to appeal to Caesar -- not as though having anything of which to accuse my nation.
20 For this cause, then, I call for you, to see and speak to you. For on account of the expectation of Israel this chain is lying about me."
21 Now they say to him, "Neither do we receive letters concerning you from Judea, nor do any of the brethren coming along report or speak anything wicked concerning you.
22 Now we count it worthwhile to hear from you what your disposition is. For, indeed, concerning this sect, it is known to us that everywhere it is being contradicted."
23 Now setting a day for him, more came to him in the lodging, to whom he expounded, certifying to the kingdom of God, besides persuading them concerning Jesus, both from the law of Moses and the prophets, from morning till dusk.
24 And these, indeed, were persuaded by what is said, yet others disbelieved.
25 Now there being disagreements one with another, they were dismissed, Paul making one declaration, that, "Ideally the holy spirit speaks through Isaiah the prophet, to your fathers,
26 saying, 'Go to this people and say, "In hearing, you will be hearing, and may by no means be understanding, And observing, you will be observing, and may by no means be perceiving,"
27 For stoutened is the heart of this people, And with their ears heavily they hear, And with their eyes they squint, Lest at some time they may be perceiving with their eyes, And with their ears should be hearing, And with their heart may be understanding, And should be turning about, And I shall be healing them.'
28 Let it be known to you, then, that to the nations was dispatched this salvation of God, and they will hear."
29 (verse 29 not genuine)
30 Now he remains two whole years in his own hired house, and he welcomed all those going in to him,
31 heralding the kingdom of God, and teaching that which concerns the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness, unforbidden.

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