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Concordant Publishing Concern is not a church, but a not-for-profit dedicated to translating the Scriptures objectively, accurately, consistently; and, to helping others understand them. We are a ministry for all believers.  One of the ways we do this is to provide all our visitors with free online access to the Concordant Literal New Testament, The Concordant Version of the Old Testament, and many other publications.  You can also listen to the Concordant Literal New Testament for free on our site.

To make available the teachings of Scripture that comes through a pattern of sound words, correctly cut, respecting of every jot and tittle of it (in its context), with emphasis on heralding the word (for today) and standing by it. (2 Tim. 1/2/3/4)

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One of our founders explained our mission quite simply as “We seek to be of service to all, while lording over the faith of none.” You can read more about it in our quarterly  magazine, Unsearchable Riches, published continually since 1909.

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Featured Expositions

Our Articles are called Expositions

A selection of Concordant Publishing Concern writings is available on the Expositions page. An exposition is a “comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.” Our expositions, or articles, thoughtfully delve into what the Scripture actually says. Then, we endeavor to judge, in light of all relevant considerations, how we are to understand what is said.

What Is A Believer?

The Evangel  Defending the Faith A BELIEVER is “one who believes,” that is, one who has faith in something or someone. Faith can be legitimate (faith in what is true), illegitimate (faith in what is not true), or feigned (pretended faith). But there is something we need to understand as a fundamental axiom. Believing is …

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The Gehenna Of Fire

Death and Judgment  CONCORDANT STUDIES The Old English “hell,” denoted that which is covered (hidden or unseen). Consequently, it once served as a suitable translation of the Greek hades, which means “imperceptible” or “unseen.” In modern English, however, due to the corrupting influence of human tradition, “hell” has come to mean “the abode of the …

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What Is Death?

Death and Judgment  Remarkable as it may seem to some, death is a return. Man is soil and returns to the soil (Gen.3:19). The spirit returns to God who gave it (Ecc.12:7). The soul returns to the unseen whence it came (Psa.9:17 and Acts 2:27,31). In fact, Job speaks of death itself as a return …

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