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Unsearchable Riches


Unsearchable Riches, published continuously since 1909, now in its 90th year,
contains expositions and commentary pertaining to Scripture. The title
theme is from Ephesians 3:8, “to bring the evangel of the
untraceable (unsearchable) riches of Christ
to the nations.”

Annual subscription is $1.00 (six issues)
(unchanged since 1909)

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January, 1936

January, 1975

July, 1999

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THE MISSION of our magazine is a very simple one. It may be best expressed in the words of the apostle; “that we should present every man mature in Christ” (Col.1:29). Like Epaphras, we pray and labor that our readers may stand mature and complete in all the will of God (Col.4:12). If this petition was necessary for the Colossians, how much more so in these days of declension and apostasy! Almost all are subconsciously aware of their immaturity, and express it when they speak of “seeing through a glass darkly,” and looking forward to the future as the time when “we shall be known as we are known.” These and similar quotations show the need of a ministry which will clear away the mist from the eyes of God's beloved saints and give them a keen insight into His great purpose and His plans for accomplishing it through Christ.
indent.gif (829 bytes)Two things are needed to bring about this most blessed result in the hearts of our readers—facts and faith. For faith to believe Him our friends must appeal to God Himself—we cannot supply this. But the facts of Scripture, on which all truth is based, are our special concern. And we are confident that they will dissolve all the doubts and dispel all the illusions which have made theology so unsatisfactory.
indent.gif (829 bytes)The solutions we offer for the “problems” which have haunted theology for centuries are so much simpler, more scriptural and satisfactory than the explanations usually offered, that it seems strange that everyone does not embrace them.
indent.gif (829 bytes)Take the two greatest of all problems, the origin and end of all things. How simple to believe the divine record, “all is out of Him . . . and into Him!” This is satisfactory. This is delightful. This is Godlike. But unbelief comes in and says, “All is not out of God; some things are of the devil.” And so God's deity is destroyed, His sovereignty suspended, and endless discussions arise to cloud the creation. So with the end. Theology, confusing God's last judgments with His final consummation, insists that all is not for God, but only the merest fragment is to be rescued from His disastrous experiment. Again, a god who has such poor success is not worthy of the name. If his will or desire is good, his ability is most limited.
indent.gif (829 bytes)The difficulty is that theology reasons from unknown premises to results which deny and defy the plainest possible statements that could be made. Our method differs in this, that we search the Scriptures accurately, find the true premises, and reason backward and forward to exactly the same conclusions as God has given in plain words.
indent.gif (829 bytes)It is the special object of this magazine to publish facts and truth not to be found elsewhere. Herein lies its value to our readers. We are not popularizing well-known doctrines, or the teaching of others. We are searching the Scriptures themselves, in the original, and bringing out new and unknown treasures, whose value bears no relation to the small pittance charged for subscription. Some have told us how a single article was worth more to them than its cost for a year. Others are at a loss to express its value. Many read it again and again, and receive new light each time.

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A Bimonthly Magazine for God and His Word
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