Check Your Panoply (The Whole Armor of God)

     Concordant Commentary on the New Testament
     His Achievement Are We
     Praise and Prayer
     Studies in Galatians
     Studies in Philippians
     The Dais or “Judgment Seat” of God and His Christ
     The Mystery of Babylon
     The Problem of Evil and the Judgments of God (also in PDF format here)
     The Unveiling of Jesus Christ
     The Sacred Scrolls of the Scriptures
     The Simple Story of the Universe

     Correct Partitioning

            Administrations and Dispensations
            Are The Bride And Body Identical (7 parts)
                        1-Body And Bride
                        2-Looking At The Prophecies
                        3-The Greek Scriptures On The Bride (Matthew
                                  Through Acts)
                        4-The Pauline Parenthesis
                        5-The Greek Scriptures On The Bride (Hebrews)
                        6-The Greek Scriptures On The Bride (James
                                  Through Revelation)
                        7-The Letters of Paul - Charter Of The Church

            Are We The Bride of the Lamb?
            Correctly Cutting the Word of Truth
            The Address On The Envelope
            This Generation
(Matthew 24:34);
                                                with supplementary article

     Death and Judgment
            What Is The Soul?
            What Is Death?

            The Soul and the Unseen
The Gehenna of Fire
            The Judgment of the Nations
            Eonian Fire and Judging
            The Lake of Fire
            A Resurrection of Judging
            Judgment and Death
            The Revelation of God’s Just Judgment
            The Repudiation of Grace
            Challenges to God’s Deity
            Crucial Questions About Resurrection

     Faithful Laborers
            Vladimir Michael Gelesnoff Memorial
            Adolph Ernst Knoch Memorial
            Sigrid Marie Knoch Memorial
            Herman H. Rocke Memorial
            Other Co-laborers in Christ
            Concordant Antiquities

     General Expositions
            Enoch and Elijah
            For Freedom Christ Frees Us!
            Refuse The Refuse, Anglo-Israelism
            The Prayer of Faith
            The Two Witnesses

     God and Christ
            Reliance On The Living God
            One God and One Lord - Part 1  (4-part series)
                        One God and One Lord - Part2
                        Yahweh is the Only Elohim
                        The Only True God
            The Divine Names And Titles
            Have You A God?
Christ And Deity (2 parts)
Christ Compared With Deity
                        Christ Contrasted With Deity

            The Doctrine of the Triune God
            The Deity Of God (6 parts)
                 The Only True God
                        The Supreme God, His Spirit, and His Son
                        God's Will and Counsel
                        Giving Glory To God
                        The Relative and the Absolute
     God and Satan

     He Shall Save His People (expositions in Matthew)
                   Salvation and Judgment in the Book of Matthew
                   The Voice of One Imploring
                   Astonished at His Teaching
                   If the Lord is Willing
                   Lord! Save Us!
                   In the Day of Judging
                   Lest They Perceive
                   The Lost Sheep of Israel
                   This Generation (Matthew 24:34);

                                         with supplementary article

     His Achievement Are We (17 parts)
                   Our Saviour God
                   Believing The Evangel
            Faith Accords With Grace
                   Foreknown And Chosen Of God
            Human Love And Freedom
                   Judgment And Indignation
            God Makes Our Trials
                   On Thy Account
            Choosing What Is Choice
                   To God Be All The Glory
            Boasting In God’s Will
                   Herald The Word
            The Word of Christ, Its Grace And Power
                   We Rely On The Living God
            The Living God And The Eons
                   Choice And Deity
            His Achievement Are We

     Human Destiny
            There Has Come New
            The Salvation of the Unbeliever
            The Blasphemy of the Spirit
            Overwhelming Grace and “Unpardonable” Sin
            Consolation in Grace
            The Rich Man and Lazarus (in 2 parts)
            Crucial Questions About Resurrection
            Invoking and Avowing
            God All in All
            Torturing Doubts; and, Exultant Faith
            The New Birth contrasted with The New Creation
            A Reply to “Universalism Refuted”

     In Defense
            A Reply to “Universalism Refuted”

     Questions & Answers
            Part One
            Part Two
            Part Three
            Part Four
            Part Five

     Spiritual Endowments
            Spiritual Gifts For Today
            Spiritual Endowments
            The Duration of Languages
            The Primitive Passed By
with afterword, “The More Excellent Way.”

     Studies in Galatians
            Let Him be Anathema! (Galatians 1:1-9)
            O Foolish Galatians! (Galatians 3:1-9)
            Graciously Granted, Through Promise (Galatians 3:10-29)
            You Fall Out of Grace (Galatians 5:1-15)
            The Snare of the Cross (Gal.5:11b)

     Studies in Philippians
            The Slaves’ Exhortation (Philippians 1:1-2—4:21-23)
            The Philippians’ Contribution (Philippians 1:3-11—4:14-20)
            Paul’s Affairs (Philippians 1:12-30—4:10-13)
            The Example of Christ (Philippians 2:1-18)
            The Human Will (Philippians 2:13)
            The Service of Timothy (Philippians 2:19-24)
            Epaphroditus’ Sufferings (Philippians 2:25-30)
            The Imitation of Paul (Philippians 3:1-4:9)

     The Dais or “Judgment Seat” of God and His Christ (13 parts)
            The Dais or “Judgment Seat” of God and His Christ
            Judging the Infirm
            The Observance of Days
            Revealed by Fire
            Administrators of God’s Secrets
            Requital at the Dais of Christ
            Suffering and Shame
            Giving vs. Getting
            Endure and Reign
            The Divine at the Dais
            Judgment Postponed
            The Spirit World
            Every Knee Shall Bow

     The Eons
            Eon as Indefinite Duration (3 parts)
            Concerning Aiõn and Aiõnios
            The Divine Calendar

     The Evangel (including tracts)
            ROMANS - God’s Good News For Today
            Be Conciliated To God
            How Can A Man Be Just With God?
            The Good News Gospel
            God’s Great Love
            The Grandest Truth In The Scriptures
            John 3:16
            In the Name of Jesus Christ We Must Be Saved

            Believing and Understanding
            What is a Believer?

     The Scriptures
            Introducing the Concordant Literal New Testament
            Scripture Translation Principles
            Proponents for a Literal Translation of the New Testament
            What is a Version?
            How We Got Our Bible (in two parts)
            The Sacred Scrolls of the Scriptures (twelve chapters)

     The Spirit World (Satan, Messengers, Demons, etc)
            The So-Called Angel World (4 parts)
            God and Satan
            The Fall Of Satan
            The King of Tyre
            Isaiah 14
            The Slanderer “Abode” Not in The Truth
            Spirit Manifestations
            The Doctrines Of Demons
            A Review ofThe Devil — An Expose

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